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Another SMAC SP to be Built?

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  • Another SMAC SP to be Built?

    The U.S. Air Force wants to build the Universal Translator. If the Army and the Navy don't have the required tech (Homo Superior), they need to get going!
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    Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost.


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      Makes you wonder how many alien artifacts the government has.


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        dammit why couldn't they have done it 10yrs ago, would have made my french homework so much easier, those online translator tools always gave me answers with really bad grammar.
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          the US airforce announced today that the Universal Translator project is cancelled. currently they're redirecting their efforts towards another SP, The Hunter-Seeker Algorithm, to outstand the hacker attacks from the middle east. thank you.
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            Bah. They should all be focussing their talents towards working on John Ashcroft's baby, the Telepathic Matrix.

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              Unfortunately Bill Gate's dream is now a reality with Network Backbone.

              And the Human Genone Project is done too. But I fail to see the talents. Wait, what is that police doing there?

              Although cloning vats would be cool.
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                Originally posted by Vev

                Although cloning vats would be cool.
                And you don't think our pop problem is big enough
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