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Am I the only one who hates playing on Transcendent?

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    I'm too busy tweaking and experimenting as a Librarian to be at all concerned about how I might fare as a Thinker or Transcend.
    I've tested those waters, yes, but have yet to feel a need to go in for a swim.
    I am on a mission to see how much coffee it takes to actually achieve time travel. :frantic:


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      Don't flatten him unless you can a) do it quickly and b) profit by conquering him. Your human opponents always represent a greater threat, and if you get bogged down in an attrition war with Lal, your fellow humans will probably run away with the game.

      How do you measure risk/reward? Well, does he have any SPs you might want? How heavily defended are his bases? How close are his bases to yours, will you be able to easily defend your home territory as well as your conquests?

      The bottom line is that unless you catch him with his pants down, conquering someone else's territory is far more expensive than just adding more bases to your own, so make sure you're getting something else for your trouble.


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        Do you have mobility and applied physics or impact?

        How far from your main production centre to his?

        Unless the AI has been boosted, you can probably take it down at this point with about 4 impact rovers or 6-8 recon rovers. The longer you leave it the more difficult it will be, and Yang is so land hungry that I would always want to remove an opponent eventually.


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          We are not in the same land. I need ships to go to war with him. As for SPs, well all the ones I want is in hands of CEO Rubin.
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            Transcend is SO not a challenge...I remember playing my first Transcend Ironman with Intense Rivalry on, and my friends were all yelling at me 'no, no, no, you'll get slaughtered!', and I won easily.
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