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Interceptor crash revisited

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  • Interceptor crash revisited

    Many of you are familiar with the problem of an interceptor automatically scrambling to defend a unit from an enemy bomber only to crash the whole game instead.

    For me the problem is with SMACX not vanilla SMAC. Many fixes were tried: uninstall/reinstall, disablement of the mouse wheel, disable sound, going into one of the files and changing a '0' to a '1' and others I no longer remember. Nothing worked. Maybe I should have tried some sort of ritual to have the game disk exorcised of bad spirits...

    A few months ago I had a crash of a different kind. I had to wipe my hard drive clean and rebuild all my files from the operating system up. I picked all the same options during my PC's 'rebirth' except I increased the screen resolution.

    I recently fired up SMACX and it seems the screen resolution has more impact than I expected. Going into base operations, the insignia of the faction I am playing is now a lot bigger than the others instead of the same size. Several screens have different spacing; the dialogue boxes when engaging in diplomacy with other factions are sometimes badly spaced.

    More to the point, both the interceptor crash and the 'edge of the world' crash have disappeared from my game.