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Won't let me transfer unit to an ally, when I'm in his city.

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  • Won't let me transfer unit to an ally, when I'm in his city.

    I'm playing a PBEM, I'm pacted to the believers. They are in a war, and I want to give them a needle jet to help.

    The jet is in their city, it has not moved this turn. I want to transfer it to them.

    I hit control shift U to transfer the unit, but it says

    "To transfer control of a unit to another faction, you must first move the unit into the territory of the friendly faction to which you wish to transfer the unit."

    I'm in his city, so I'm his territory.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    I'm not certain but why not just move the plane out one tile from his city and try transferring it there to see if there is just something about the base that prevents the transfer
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      Okay guys thanks for the heads up but I'd have to disagree about the whole civ3 issue. One thing I like in civ three that smac doesn't have is that you can see everything in your territory. Also culture why couldn't they add that Miriam seems like the kind of person that seems to emphasize on culture. Another thing about civ3 that smac doesn't have is unique units. This is probably one of the things that could be left out but why not have a special unit that could contribute to the there culture. Another thing I'd like to bring up; of course civ3 may not be to everybodies liking but I'd really like to know why you don't like it.


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        of course civ3 may not be to everybodies liking but I'd really like to know why you don't like it.
        We don't like it because Civvers post in the wrong forums

        Action : just try like Flubbs says. If not then I dunno either

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          Actually, do NOT transfer a needlejet outside of a base. Sometime in the patch process (or perhaps with the release of SMAX) a jet so transfered lost the ability to stay in the air, as it were...they crash for lack of fuel.

          The inability to turn over control in a pbem is a bug that only occurs sometimes. I (we) have never been able to determine what sets it off. Affected units are generally aircraft, but I have seen it happen with ships once or twice.


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            I thought the PBEM solution was never to use the Ctl/shift/U shortcut. I recall it always worked with the menu/action/transfer control sequence (and yes, the noodle had to be in the base, and activated)



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              It worked, thanks guys.


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                SMAC is better than Civ3 for a couple reasons. First of all, while culture is good, the idea wasn't thought of at the time of AC's making, so you can't really fault it for that, and it is a pretty minor issue anyways. As far as unique units go, with the exception of 1 until or so per civ, everyone built the exact same units. Alpha Centauri has much more variety in units, allows you to custom name them (aside from the 1 point stat difference, about the same as a unique unit), and then build exactly the unit you need at the time. As for seeing all units in your territory, that's personal preference. I prefer not seeing all units; it forces you to build sensors, and allows you to exploit an enemy who doesn't do so. It is a bit more realistic, and adds another level of tactics.

                As far things Civ 3 doesn't have in my opinion, there are many. The combat is not at all balanced, unlike AC which is fairly good about that, and no matter what difficulty I played at (and I can win at any level pretty easily) you needed a huge advantage, and needing 10 tanks to take out a city guarded by 1 rifleman is a bit strange. Civ 3 also has neutered air and naval units. It has a useless spy system, unlike the great AC one, and although the unique resources are a good idea, I find the implementation poor (you needed to have them all, really, and there either enough to go around for everybody, or you got screwed because you couldn't build anything good). If there were more types that conferred smaller bonuses, I think it would have worked better. Each game also plays the same way as well, expand until you hit the corruption cap and wage war until you have an entire continent, and by then you were unchallengable. Not to mention the complete lack of good terriforming options. Fun to play, but not at all near the level of greatness of SMAC.