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    the germans used both french and russian infrastructure. it's absolutely normal to use enemy roads and infrastructure. it is also normal to be able to destroy infrastructure.

    things I'd like to see in SMAC2 :
    1) roughly the same tech tree, although the thing with the reactors bothers me too. More techs, though.

    2) 3D graphics, lighting, feeling, sound. Whoever doesn't like this, he can kiss my arse or play SMAC1.

    3) A ++ on AI, using latest software.

    new stuff, that would make the game worthy of the name SMAC. I woz thinking like monster storyline with 3 CD's of movies, game improvements like playing on 2 planets or interacting more with space, building motherships, etc; officers on units (like in Panzer General) with special abilities, AI for governors, dynamic espionage (not only with probe teams, I mean really intelligence), even more economy and social choices (although the future societies seem kinda crappy), unique units and abilities for each social model, computer-generated splinter cells from each major faction (I never played SMAC-AC because I liked the original story too much) to make each game dynamic; inter-faction organisms (like the CHOAM in Dune) whom you have to negotiate with; the ability to strategically use Planet if you have a really high planet rating; SP's with a more intelligent impact on society (not just a number or two), etc.

    The idea behind the game, as science fiction, is very good to brilliant (although common). Based on the experience and feedback from SMAC1, if the game would have all these it would beat an eventual StarCraft 2 easily.
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