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  • Commerce Income Problem

    Recently I noticed while playing SMACX, that the game wasn't adding the income I'd earn from other factions via treaties & pacts to my normal income -- I'd only earn what my bases generate. I'm not sure how this occurred, but any help on finding a potential remedy would be appreciated.

    And yes, I'm using the latest patch.

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    It seems commerce is added directly to your energy bar. Check how much energy your base is producing in each square (including base square). This total should be less than your actual energy output if you have any commerce at the base.

    If I understand this right, commerce is extra energy for income and research - not just income. Commerce also suffers from inefficiency.

    Maybe this was what you were looking for, igtenos?


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      Rubin is correct. Commerce is a raw energy flow directly associated with a base. The amount of that flow is the sum of the detail on the left panel of the base screen. That raw energy is the same as worker produced or crawled energy for that base...subject to inefficiency loss, subject to your faction-wide energy allocation, then subject to whatever multiplying base facilities or SPs exist in the base.


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        In fact, that's why commerce is so darned useful. If it were only Energy Credits you got, that would be swell and all, but commerce energy is enhanced by all your banks, labs, etc.

        Does anyone have any idea what factors actually determine how much energy is generated from trade between two bases? I know the value is adjusted by the Commerce rating of each faction involved, but what determines the base amount? Population? Energy Harvested?.... Anyone?


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          CEO Aaron: Commerce is based on energy output of the base (raw energy - that is, before any enhancing facilities, I believe).

          Although you've already seen this thread, I think it holds the answer to your question. Maybe there is a population minimum, I'm not sure.

          So, if you want commerce, start harvesting energy!


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            Oh. Right. I had read that. Thanks for the reminder. Looks like old age is taking my wits, or at least what little wit I have left.


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              Rubin: yes, that answers my question. Thanks. ^^


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                Caveat!: Crawled energy does NOT count toward determining commerce.

                I don't recall if energy from Power Sats does or not.


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                  Sat energy does IIRC. As far as I remember, the only standard game mechanic that doesn't apply to Sats is that the Nessus Mining Station minerals are supposed to be all clean, and don't contribute to your eco damage whatsoever. I'd be interested to see if they actually caused your eco-damage level to rise by 1 (And thus having a greater eco-damage impact on bases without AC's than those with), or if the game just automatically attributes any minerals from the sats (Potentially multiplied several times by facilities) as not adding to eco-damage.
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