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Using blurbs to reconstruct the official SMAC story

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    Yeah, nothing beats proclaiming, "I am the Walrus," then sitting back to watch the impressionable drool on themsleves and give you their money.

    Picasso made a mint that way.

    [Knowing your weakness for Lucas] "It's an old Jedi mind trick ..."


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      Fantastic topic!

      I also love imagining the fate of the different factions from an objective point of view, and I must say that I agree with most of what I have read on this post.
      But being a SMAC fan, and loathing SMACX, which I believe was slapped together awkwardly to get a bit more cash, I will never be able to marry the two contradictory stories together. I am glad your speculation hasn't attempted to include the rise of the other factions, and the introduction of the Aliens.

      Keep the good work up!

      Voluntary Human Extinction Movement


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        Just a minor correction (I think) to korn's comments re: Civil Defence - I think the Spartans built it and the Gaians watched as it did the defending Spartans no good against the attacking Gaian mindworm brigade.


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          you know i think you are right...since the gaians and the spartans were at war it was probably the spartans but maybe it was another faction...but on reading it again i do think it was another faction besides the gaians who built it...but then the gaians still overran them with mindworms, or something like that



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            Having just now watched the Citizen's Defense Force being built, I have to agree with the statement that the Spartans had it, and the Gaians only commented on it.

            "As the teeming mass of mindworms swarmed over the perimeter, we watched the defenders recoil in horor..."

            They are definitely taking a back seat to this attack, watching from a distance.

            Just thinking... why does Deirdre call this 'Our Secret War?' Doesn't the Spartans know who they are fighting? Or is Deirdre, being the smart one, using the tactic we all lovingly refer to as 'worm rape?'


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              Maybe they both, in an attempt to not arouse suspicion of their intentions to expand, lead the rest of the factions to think that these fights that they were having were really nothing more than "border skirmishes". When in reality, they really were going all out against each other.


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                I always got the feeling that Dierde's references to 'Our Secret War' were not specific to a war between the Gains and another faction, but more generral to the situation on Planet as a whole. 7 ideological factions living together, trying to eke out a living for their citizens, putting on a good face in public and in the councils, while meanwhile jockeying for a position of dominance.

                Of course, it could be a reference to an unacknowledged battle with Planet itself. Everyone afraid to mention the fact that the land itself seems to come alive and fight their prescence, but knowing that it is so.

                Yours Truly