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  • Snac?

    Could someone give me a quick overview on what this mod does? Just wondering if I should get it.

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    (from the readme)

    * Base defense systems are greatly improved (defense factors increased, more free systems for
    * Added five new technologies (Doctrine: Intelligence, Doctrine: Destruction, Applied Systems
    Planetary Engineering and Secrets of Genetics), rebalancing some of the tech tree
    * Delayed the arrival of some key attacking systems and weapons
    * Made terraforming slightly more effective, but also more dependent upon technology
    * Rebalanced costs of base facilities, esp early game facilities (now a LOT cheaper), and SPs,
    most of which are increased in cost, reflecting the geometric decrease in time needed to
    build them and, in some case, their extreme power
    * Adjusted the seven original factions to add game balance, especially wrt the Hive, Morgan,
    Spartans and UoP
    * Updated the help files

    If you want specific changes, I can mail the entire readme file to you.

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      I can confirm that the mod really make building a more viable option (not that it isn't any way ). Only reason I don't use it at the moment is that I'm involved in a PBEM with a non-SNACer
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        That is what I really wanted to know. How many are actually useing it and what do they think of it?


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          I have used the SNAC mod and I think it is
          worth it.
          It really does what it pretends, it extends
          the midgame interest. You will find that the
          Morganites now get a good foothold in Planet.
          After 200 years, it will not be strange that
          all the factions are still alive.
          I recommend it if you want to try some differences. The only thing that may be somewhat bothersome is the defense extra bonus. At the beginning games, that is good
          at the beginning but it can get annoying later, when you get aggressive and try to conquer your neighbors. Wars get quite long.
          Also, some of the sounds included in the new
          tech are not that wonderfully recored (I can even hear a siren in one of them).
          Anyway, I considered it a good modpack and I rate it with 8.5 or something like that.
          I recommend you to play first with the original rules and then try these new changes.

          have screwed up diplomacy with AI in you
          Fix it!

          (I will sign with this as long as the problem is not solved)