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PlanetPack: Where's AlienCrossfire?

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  • PlanetPack: Where's AlienCrossfire?

    Yes, I'm a NEWBIE!!!
    I just bought the planetarypack a few days ago. Had no problems installing Alpha Centauri. Works just peachy. But nowhere do I find AlienCrossfire. Within the box there was 1 cdrom, 1 prima strategy guide, 1 install instructions booklet, 1 AC (thick) guide, 1 AlienCrossfire booklet .....which states that I should look in the install booklet to install Aliencrossfire. Problem is, unless I'm blind, there's nothing mentioned about installation of Aliencrossfire in this booklet anywhere.
    Now, I'm not so stupid as to not think that Aliencrossfire isn't on the cdrom with Alpha Centauri. In fact, I see the names of factions and their sound files and such when I checkout the files in Windows Explorer.
    So I'm wondering if someone could explain to me how I get Aliencrossfire installed or, how to get the factions and such from that game imported into Alpha Centauri?
    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks SD

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    Me again,
    All right, alright, I finally found the icon for Aliencrossfire!! But it would have been nice to just see it in the start menu, no? I had two of my friends, who have both played AC look at my disc and they were baffled, they were also baffled as to why the game refuses to start in the start menu. And could someone explain why the faction editor causes my system to crash?
    Don't get me wrong, I like the game, at least those parts I can get to work properly.
    But it would be really nice to have a game that would work without having to struggle and experiment with files, tweak here, tweak there....I know, I know..its part of the enjoyment.... oi !! :-)


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      You should really, REALLY download the patch to SMACX. The thing has many bugs. V1.1 doesn't solve everything but it helps very much. Ummmmm..... A link? Well..... I think still has it........