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    I was just shifting through the endless wasteland that is the net and found this little place. I have played Alpha Centauri for a while now but never really did anything on the net with it. I don't get to play as much as I like to since my job is such a drain on my free time. Playing games in a government office is not what they like to say is productive. Then again getting on the net isn't that productive either.

    How long have some of you all been playing Centauri.

    How does the play by email work here.

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    ive only been playing SMAC a couple of months. I played a lot of Civ 2 before that though.

    And be wary of Apolyton - its addictive.
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      I've been playing SMAC since June 2001 after the big mistake to buy Call to Power 2. Never really left playing since then. And heed the warning of lotm.
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        Got SMAC about 4 weeks after being released. Been playing ever since then. Sometimes more often than others, but I play usually once or twice a week now as RL allows.
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          I like the name!

          Well, I've been playing SMAC since it's release but I'm still learning new things about it. Now I tend to play SMAC games sporadically due to work/classes/RL.

          I'd watch out for this place cause I just wandered here after looking for Human Hive stuff and I've been here ever since!

          Good to see new ppl here!

          (oh, the Play by Email thing, I haven't a clue....I usually use IP games)
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            Bought both SMAC and SMAX the first weeks they came out. After I got laid off in December 2001, started playing PBEM's here @ Apolyton, and then at Civgaming.
            As far as the PBEM's are concerned: they add a whole new level of complexity to the game - absolutely wonderful the little intrigues and shifting alliances, as well as the various strategies that your exposed to during these games! Highly recommended if you can shake the time free to partake!



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              I got SMAC shortly after its release. I originally was at the Firaxis web site, but it was so negative and and non-flame-retardant that I bailed. Apolyton has a nice combination of considerate and helpful posters and great management. I come here for all my TBS needs!

              As for multiplay, I think most folks use PBEM. I've done this for quite a while and it fits the TB style, even if it is a bit slow. My only word of caution is that getting involved in a 7-way (with 7 human players) PBEM is painfully slow. 2 or 3 players seems to be about right. Another major advantage of PBEM is you can finish your turn when its convienent, be it 1400 or 0100 (or your lunch break, if that won't get you in trouble at work).



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                I've played Alpha Centauri for, I think, four years. At first I was only able to win Citizen level games, and advancing my skills in SMAC playing has taken about a year per difficulty level. I've only won my first Thinker Level game a few weeks ago. I also still play only single-player games, because there are often technical and realtime schedule based problems with multiplayer games.
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                  I started playing, hmmm... four and a half years ago? I recently took a full 3 years off, but now I'm getting back into PBEM, etc.

                  PBEM, you play a turn, save the file, e-mail it to someone else and (eventually) get the next turn sent to you. Just go over to the multiplaying forums and join a game - rght now, there's the head-to-head tournament, or you can post to start a new game of your own


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                    Heya, Crazy American. I've been playing ever since its release, circa 1998. My favorite faction is the Hive and I'm really useless at any other factions I've tried.

                    PBEM is a very cool experience. Up against human players, you face all sorts of challenges that the Computer AI simply cannot bring to bear against you. I'd recommend it heartily for the boost in skill level it will give you to counter plot against wily homo sapiens!

                    I played a couple of PBEM games and it works with every player taking one turn in order. Usually you zip the save file then email it to the next human in line. On good days, each person takes their turns in an orderly fashion and you can get through one game turn (1 year) in a day.

                    The most enjoyable game I played lasted about eleven months in real life, and involved four human players only. (No AI players.) From that game I learned a lot about tactics and resource management.

                    Try out AC Multiplaying if you want to get a game going.
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                      Installed SMAC on Monday, November 20, 2000 at 1:51:02 AM.
                      Joined Apolyton on March 6, 2001 around 3:34 PM.
                      Solo-play only. Insomniac with migraines.
                      Apolyton is a fun place but very useful and, as has been noted, is mildly addictive. You'll notice many posts time-stamped in the wee quiet hours between midnight and dawn.
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                        I have been playing off and on since it came out, get the expansion pack (SMAX) if you can find it. I rotate SMAC with Civ 2 and Moo2 with a little Panzer General once in a while. SMAC, while not perfect, is the best strategic game ever produced IMHO.


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                          Firstly: Welcome.

                          Second: I purchased SMAC shortly after release, and after playing a few games on it, had it permanently borrowed by a friend of an ex-roomate. When the planetary pack was released, I purchased it, and became much more enamoured of the game, especially with the new features included in the expansion, which I cannot recommend strongly enough. At some indeterminate point afterward, I lost my PPack, and was compelled to re-purchase both games. PPack was out of print, so I had to buy them separately, and my expansion was a hefty $60 US, as it is now out of print. I'm confident I hold the Apolyton record for most money spent on this game, however I consider every penny well spent.