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  • Early game base placement

    I understand that special squares and base squares are the only spots where Factors of Production limits are removed pre technology. Now is it a good idea to put the base on the special square? Or is it better to leave it as a working square? I would say the later is better since you would then be able to build a farm or a mine on the resource square and get the +3 and above resources. But I've seen people suggesting building base on the special squares. Is there any reason that this may be an optimal strategy?
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    Some debate on this-- I usually leave them to be terraformed and crawled but it can depend on the surrounding terrain and if I see myself having to " not work" tiles ( FM and getting B drones).

    If I have another special in the area I could sometimes build on one and work the other. Or if its a nut special and there is a monolith nearby, I may build on the special so I can work the monolith--

    All of these are early game considerations . . . Once crawlers are available I am more likely to crawl the specials but early, there is something to be said for scooping maximum benefit -- a special on an arid flat square might be a good example of this . . .
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      I will say that nut specials are the ones I am probably MOST likely to found a base on . I find that later in the game, tree farms and condesors mean I have more nutrients than I need in most bases anyway so I think that the early population kickstart is a great benefit and giving up a few nutrients a turn later is not really much of a loss
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        I would say that it is almost always better to leave the square open for terraforming. The special on an arid flat square like Flubber said is the only case I think of that I would found the base on it.
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          Depends what SE choice your going to be running. If your an avid free marketeer and are going to ICS. Then very soon you may be up against b-drone issues. Doctoring citizens may negate the ability to get access to the special.

          OTOH being a free marketeer you should be able to get to IA rather quickly and crawler the special resource square.

          As always it depends.
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            The advantage of building the base on resource square would be that it is still worked if the base is size 1, and requires a doctor. This may be a factor if you're running FM or Dem early in the game.

            OTOH, if you get the WP early on then, it's a big advantage to build your bases off of resource tiles.

            Other than that, I don't believe it makes much difference.


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              With my strict 2-in-diagonal base spacing a special only influences my decision when I build a base in the said area, not where I put it.
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                mineral bonus on a flat square or energy bonus below 1000m are the 2 occasions i'd consider starting a base as that worked tile isn't going to be generating that much more.
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                  I advise placing your base directly on the special in the early game, that way you're sure to always be utilizing it's benefits. This is doubly true when you're a free-marketeer, since you're fairly likely to have some point at which you'll be unable to work _any_ squares besides the base square thanks to b-drones and no police.


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                    I play on random maps. In this case, the specials are located in a pattern. If I see two specials, I can guess where other specials are possibly located, and I usually place the base accordingly, in the hope to get four specials in its radius. Here I am talking about the first two bases, which should be founded asap, when there is no time to investigate the terrain.

                    Placing a base on the special has the drawback that it will surely remain the only special for that base (on random maps).
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                      I use the following rules:
                      Never put a base on a nutrient special. Condensor-farming it is too appealing

                      Rarely put a base on a rolling mineral bonus: mining it is too appealing, especially before restrictions are lifted.

                      Try to put a base on a flat mineral bonus, because the +2 mins are nice for a fresh base, and I couldn't get more than 4 minerals out of the tile anyway, besides placing a borehole there

                      Ignore energy specials, since I can't multiply the +2 with anything, and lifting energy restrictions for a single tile is rarely very important. The +2 energy also means very little to a new base.
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                        I never put a base on a special. I always build near it so I can put a forest down on it (unless it's a rocky min, in which case it will be mined and crawlered when possible).
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                          I put bases on specials whenever I can in the early game. Yes they are more productive in mid and late game (when properly terraformed), but by then Iíve got tons (relatively) of resources and a little extra nutrients/minerals/energy does not make that much difference. This is especially true before restrictions are lifted and when you are playing with random research (like I do), which means there is no guarantee of getting those critical techs (Ind Auto, Gene Splicing, Eco Eng, etc). +2 min/energy/food is huge in the early game. This changes with my second and third wave of expansion, though. Then I can afford to be more fussy, and I have more time and resources to properly utilize and develop specials.



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                            I'm surprised; with blind research I'd be *very* keen to get the WP and begin developing the specials squares early with boreholes and condensors, since it's the only way to get the restrictions lifted fast.

                            I guess you're not a big fan of the WP?


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                              I personally get the restriction lifting techs while expanding, so I wouldn't have time to use formers to optimize squares. And if you don't need the restriction lifting ability on a square it's best placement is on the base since you'll always be able to use it. No matter where it is it gives you +2, with the exception for minerals on mines with road.

                              edit: My mistake, condensers work on %age basis as well. I really should do better research.
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