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How do you install Alien Crossfire?

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  • How do you install Alien Crossfire?

    Can someone please help me? I've downloaded Alien Crossfire but I'm not sure where to extract the files. I went through the usual routine of letting the computer decide, clicked on the update patch and extracted the terranx file. Something has changed, because when I went to play the game, I was given a choice of Other instead of Load when choosing players, but clicking that just took me to the change screen. Also, when I click on the terranx file, I just get an error message (unable to allocate draw-buffer...). Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong or what I'm missing?

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    I suspect you have a corrupted copy of terranx. You should try reloading SMAC again.


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      Sounds like you need the noCD crack.

      get it here


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        Hmm, I've tried both suggestions and have come up with the same problems. Guess I'm just not meant to play the extension


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          I've had some similar problems with the expansion --- but I don't recall exactly what it was. The Other instead of Load ... well ... I think that was one of the strange things happening...

          Now, I cannot tell you what to do, but I can tell you that I tried the noCD terranx. I didn't work properly. I found a different(?) noCD terranx --- it did produce better results, but my graphics were strange. So I reinstalled the SMAC and SMACX. Applied the updates (for both versions I think - v5 and v2), and finally I patched the "second" noCD terranx. The game was perfect after that!!!

          I'm not sure why, though. Try reinstalling the whole thing!

          Good luck!