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    I've never had an Alpha Centauri dream, but I think I've been playing too much Rise of Nations/Age of Empires type games lately. I had a dream the other night that if I wanted to talk to someone I pushed key 1-9 to select their control group.


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      It was near the turn of the 24th century...
      A squad of clean, hardened ECM plasma infantry waited in the bunkers within the unnamed mountains at the edge of the University territory, with a mission to defend the University of Planet from attack, and with the new probability sheath they were well prepared.
      Then they came...
      A horde of Believing fusion infantry invaded the mountainous area in attempt to take out the defending University troops within, and claim the mountains. Very soon, yellow blast rays and plasma balls were flying everywhere. The battle ended with a two-way disaster, where the only survivors were a few University troops.

      Ten minutes later, at University Base, Provost Zakharov was informed about the battle result. He was going to contact Miriam, but she called him first, declaring that she would send her troops to knock down the University to the last man. This only slightly angered Zakharov for two seconds.

      Well, That's how it went. My favorite faction slightly defended a mountain range.
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        My story Joe started off as an idea that I had in my waking hours. Later installments came to me in my dreams sometimes. (The magtube assassination attempt by the DataTech, the entire sequence of Chairman Sheng Ji Yang speaking, and the scene where a soldier of the Hive commits suicide.)

        I haven't had many SMAX dreams recently.

        In the context of this thread, it is amusing to me that Alinestra Covelia and Alpha Centauri have the same acronym.
        "lol internet" ~ AAHZ