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  • All Progenitor game?

    Has anyone modified the factions to allow seven versions of the Progenitors?

    You can select Usurpers (for example) more than once, but it is confusing as they all have the same names and colour!

    I could start by copying the existing factions and making new versions, but I have an idea that alphax.txt needs editing too to indicate that they are aliens - is that true?

    Also, the Usurper/Caretaker feud is hard-wired: they always are in vendetta. Does this extend to any more alien factions or just the first two?

    For anyone who is wondering why anyone would want to do this: the game should be quite a different experience with no trade and no council votes.

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    There is such a pbem underway. Turns are currently tracked at:

    Originally started here at Apolyton:

    Googlie has a link in there for cloned Progenitor factions.


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      I know I set my game of SMAX to random factions, and only the Usurpers were present of the aliens. The Caretakers simply don't turn up.
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        Originally posted by Alinestra Covelia
        I know I set my game of SMAX to random factions, and only the Usurpers were present of the aliens. The Caretakers simply don't turn up.
        It could be something in (one or more of) the AlphaCentauri.ini file, the .txt files, the faction files (you do have the 'Caretake' family of files, don't you?), etc. These files seem to be capable of getting maladjusted in ways which are sometimes difficult to correct manually short of reinstalling or reloading a backup of major parts of the SMAC subdirectory.

        Do you have all the other (original and new) factions available? Any custom factions or clones or mods? Possibly there is a limit to the total number of factions the game will deal with and one or more was added one that bumped the Caretakers.


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          I am in an all-progenitor game like the one linked above . The vendetta seems to be difficult/impossible to avoid and does make for a different type of game-- you KNEW from the outset that trade/commerce was not possible except by artificial means ( ie allowing a probe action for each side for example)-- we are at around 2222 in Battle pf the Manifold7 and there are still 3 strong empires and 1 less strong ( 1 human eliminated)-- we played 5 human controlled progenitors and NO-AI--

          it can be played and I am enjoying the game thoroughly and recommend it for anyone that wants a different kind of game
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            I have played the AI a all-progenetors - designate a mix of marrs and h'minees from the beginning. The repetition of base names isn't too confusing. The worst is getting occasionally confused as to who owns that recon rover next to your base - is that me Hminee or another Hminee?

            The multiple appearance of the same factions doesn't really matter, because even the other You's will wind up in vendetta against you. Basically a zero-diplomacy game where whoever has the most nerve gas wins.


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              Originally posted by Earwicker
              Basically a zero-diplomacy game where whoever has the most nerve gas wins.
              'Course you can modify that (as I have done in a couple of very different SP games - the AI Progenitors are differently played from regular AI factions)

              Just change Alphax.txt's nervegas prereq from HEC to Sing Mech, so that it becomes available at the same time as the Prog victory condition (six subspace generators).

              If that's too harsh, then move it back from C2 (HEC) to C6 (Retroviral Engineering) consistent with gene warfare, it's "sister" atrocity



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                Maybe a good option is to look at


                and go to the factions section. There is a set called "Progenitor War" (zeta set). The general idea in this setup is one human player against 6 progenitor players (3 subgroups of caretakers and 3 subgroups of usurpers).

                Quote on the Zeta Set (as it is called in the systematic name used by networknode):

                The worst fears of the humans on Planet have come to pass. The two 'alien' factions have each splintered into three factions, leaving Planet torn in a bitter seven sided war of hatred and certain doom. The humans have bound together under a strong leader, desperately facing extinction.
                Can you lead them to victory over the progenitors?
                It is however a very raw deal to play as one of the six available progenitor factions as you are in endless vendetta against all other alien factions. But playing as the human faction will not be all that different (politically spoken) as the progenitors will constantly threaten with war if you do not attack the [fill in faction name].

                (Sorry for the late reply, but I was "away" for some time and was browsing the threads I missed during my absence)

                I hope this is useful.