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    Another silly reason to get AC if you get the chance - allows you to play Amazon Queen of PMS, or When Chicks Rule Chiron.

    Aki Zeta
    + the 2 Aliens, one of whom is also of the female suasion


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      Duh (me)

      Mongoose caught me at it again
      Neither of those things. You get EXACTLY the same SMAC 4.0 game... no 'corrected program code'.
      Read MariOne's post above as he expounds on this very issue?
      One wonders how you missed it when you read it the first time.
      Looking neither for excuses nor sympathy, I wonder if the progression of my Parkinson's (and its aggravaion of other health problems) has been causing me to miss things like this. I'll try to make it a practice to re-read anything I decide to reply to in the future.
      I am on a mission to see how much coffee it takes to actually achieve time travel. :frantic:


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        Don't worry, missing something I write it's quite normal, as it usually comes buried in the middle of a kilometric post

        Someone even makes a *point* of refusing to read my posts

        Byt even without having read my words....
        you ask, whether from SMAX menu if you choose to launch Classical SMAC you get SMAX new techs and stuff...


        how would that "Classical SMAC" be different form SMAX itself then??????
        The answer was embedded in your very question in the first place!

        I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it (Holden Caulfield)


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          For the time being and for some time to come, SMAC is and will be keeping me happy. If someonw knows where one can get a cheap copy of SMAX in downunder OZ, please let me know!