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    I've learned needlejets amd choppers count as police when they're in base, but interceptors do not. I've learned worms count as police but Isles of the Deep do not. I've forgotten whether Locusts count as police. At a guess, I'd say no. I know they can capture a base, unlike all other airborne units. Ships do not count as police.

    If you've learned other facts about Planet and the way things work out there this could be a good place to list them.

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    A unit with Non-Lethal methods only quells three Drones not four.

    During sunspot activity you can commit atrocities w/o penalty (except PBs).


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      A mindworm or locust parked on a fungus square does not require any minerals for support. I did not verify whether this applies to isles, spore launchers and sealurks as well, but I guess it does.

      This allows to have a large "clean" native army, before that ability becomes available for conventional forces. Of course, its purpose should be mainly defensive because you cannot rely on having a path of fungus all the way to an enemy base. Also, you have to pay attention that the fungus where your mindworm army is sleeping is not destroyed by expanding forests. (It would be a pity to have half of them disbanded because your bases cannot deal with the sudden increase in support costs.)


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        Use of condensor/farm combination (in a rainy square) yields 4 nutrients pre Gene Splice (no specials required).
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          Originally posted by GeneralTacticus
          A unit with Non-Lethal methods only quells three Drones not four.
          Regular unit = 1 drone controlled; Regular unit + Non-Lethal = 2 drones controlled.
          The quelling of 3 instead of 4 refers to the situation where you have a Regular unit + Non-Lethal and the Police effect is "doubled" by and SP or your SE (Police) setting or whatever it is that "doubles" the police effect.

          The cult player gets 2 drones controlled by a single police-capable unit (like MW's and SporeLauncher's at least).

          (BTW, All the native units get a (support) free ride on a fungus tile (even air units).)

          1-1-1 Police units are a great buy; they cost only one row and you can usually afford to get them on a base's first turn if necessary.

          With Yang (PoliceState), you can afford to have 3 different kinds of police, like AAA-Police, ECM-Pollice and Trance-Police to double as various kinds of defenders. There are also other useful kinds, like Drop-Police, Amphibious-Police and the Flying-Police (I don't think you can have Naval Police though); and then there is Morgan's (and everyone's) favorite, the Clean-Police; of course there are also the Dirty-(X)-Police .


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            Originally posted by johndmuller

            ....of course there are also the Dirty-(X)-Police .
            Do you have to have Non-Legal Methods for those?
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              How about this? Aerospace Complex gives +100% defense against attack from the air.


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                Originally posted by billybaruch1
                How about this? Aerospace Complex gives +100% defense against attack from the air.
                Yep, Naval yards also grand +100% bonus for your sea bases when they are attacked by a sea unit. THe perimeter defences in sea bases are useless unless you either plan do raise a Tachyon Field or you know you'll be attacked by marrine land units.

                Also, what moi found out today, when an enemy bombards your psi units, your Neural Amplifier bonus doesn't count...
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