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  • Fearing fate

    I have just started a game as the Cult, on a large moderately hilly world, with abundant fungus. I start on Transcend difficulty, with randomly choosen opponents.

    Right away, my initial scout patrol discovers the uninhabited Monsoon Jungle to the west. Almost immediately afterwards, my initial mindworm discovers the Uranium Flats to the south. I found new bases in both these regions.

    My exploring units continue to explore, and I continue to build new bases. Thanks to killed mindworms and pods, my cash is extremely high. Thanks to my planet rating, I keep building up an enormous army of worms and spore launchers.

    By this time, I still have not discovered any opponents, but have mapped out a land mass spanning almost a third of the globe, with as yet undiscovered frontiers. I'm getting richer and richer, and more and more powerful, and I have no sign of stopping. I've since discovered the geothermal ridge just off my eastern coast. My new bases keep extending my borders, ensuring that even if I discover an opponent in my next turn, I'll still have an enormous territory.

    I am beginning to fear the game. I have never had SMAC or SMAX bless me with such good luck. I fear that the better I'm build up, the harder the game will make me fall. How will the game get its retribution?

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    Sounds good. No need to keep looking over your shoulder. If you've nabbed the Jungle uncontested you are in for a great game. I take it you are miles ahead in the might chart.

    My observation is that the longer you go without making contact the more of a diplomatic hit you take. So don't be surprised if you get a few instant vendettas once you meet up with the other factions.

    I always prioritize the EG. Not only do you get infiltration and extra votes, you get to do a lot more tech trades than would otherwise be possible in the early game.

    Happy Canada Day!


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      Things have gotton better, or worse, depending on how paranoid I should be.

      I have since mapped out a lot more of the continent, and made contact with 5 of the 6 other factions. The Hive and Spartans are sharing a large continent to the north, with the Peacekeepers on the far western coast. The Morganites are on a largish continent off my east coast, which may or may not be attached to my own landmass. They come close, but I haven't fully explored the area. The Believer and Cyborg locations are a mystery.

      In abut 10 turns, I entered pacts with Santiago, Yang, Lal, and Morgan. Miriam has not been contacted by any of the other factions. I have spoken with Aki, but she refuses to do any trading, or go beyond a simple treaty.

      What worries me is the might graph. I am in second place, but Aki is a fair bit ahead. I am lagging in science, and have not yet built an SP. She has built a couple already, and is working on a few more. She also leads the planet in technology.

      Despite being in second place in the Might graph, I'm in first for both territory and millitary.

      This will be interesting.