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Mindworms and Probe/Base Mind Control

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  • Mindworms and Probe/Base Mind Control

    I was recently playing an SP game as the Cult, working on some strat for an MP game I'm in as the Cult. Morgan, blast him, went and mind-controlled a base out from under me with no less than (10!) probes. (I had 4 in the base... he wiped them out, naturally. I'm happy it took 10 probes to do it, BUT!!!) .

    Anyways, the base in question had two worm units in it. Now, probes cannot subvert native units outside of a base... so why can they subvert a base with worms in it? .

    Does anyone have any idea what the heck is going on here?


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    I always thought of mindworms in the same way as stacked units-- Outside the base they are immune but inside the base they come as part of the package of probing the base

    In game terms I always thought of it as units or worms that were loyal to the local city government and after the mind control, the units remained loyal to their base and local leaders rather than to their faction . I think of the worms as being loyal to their local handlers which were the ones to change sides.


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      I see what you mean, but it still doesn't make any sense logically to me. Worms need handlers regardless of where they are stationed. Politicans do not have the ability to handle anything (grin), so logically, that just doesn't make much sense, especially among the Cult, who revere worms to a very high degree not seen elsewhere. Hmm.....



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        It DOESN'T make sense... if you can't bribe them, then native units in a bribed base shouldn't go over to the enemy... they should be destroyed (the citizens/militia/other units turned on them for being "rogues"). It's just one more thing that BR and gang didn't think through. No surprise there, considering all the rest of lack of "follow through" in SMAC, and "fore thought" in SMACX.

        I hope the new team putting Civ3 together have really consolidated and put consistancy into the code. That's our SMAC2 code, you know.
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