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Getting AI in a submissive pact

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  • Getting AI in a submissive pact

    For some reason I seem to have trouble getting the AI into a submissive pact.

    I don't think the you can ever get a submissive pact against someone you've committed a lot of attrocities against (nerve gas or obliterating their bases).

    Still, even when I play nice, and wait till they pronounce vendetta on me, and then beat the hell out of them, the only time the comm lights up is for them to say they want a truce, and when I say no, they say they'll see me in hell or whatever.

    So, anybody know what factors are involve in getting a submissive pact? I seem to be having worse luck at it than usual--I just end up with everybody against me and eventually transcend when I'm tired of taking over all their bases.

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    I'm surprised about this. There are a number of factors involved, but I don't have too much trouble getting the AI to submit. Some of the factors are:

    Not committing atrocities against them - as you surmised.

    Taking multiple bases in a turn helps a lot.

    Having many units in the vicinity of their bases - and I think I mean within one square here - helps.

    Hitting them *early* with a conquer tech advantage. Later on, they're much tougher.

    I'm sure there are things that others can add - I'm not much of a militarist to be honest.

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      For my experience, there are differences in the difficulty to force the factions in a submissive pact.

      The arguments Misotu points are certainly right.

      But, as I have learned, it's relatively easy to force Deirdre, Miriam or Morgan into submission. I remember one game in which Morgan sent a unit to beg for his submission :-).

      More difficult to force into submission are Yang, Zak and the human SMAX factions.

      On the other extreme, I have never been able to force the Spartans into submission.

      With the Aliens, I have no experience, I always gas them.


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        Compatible SE settings is another thing that helps garner a surrender.

        My own experience has been different than Skanderberg's. The Sparts often surrender to me for no apparent reason.


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          In my games the most obstinate holdouts against surrender has be Morgan & Deidre, I have found the Spartans and Yang very pliable when faced with extinction before 2300. With Morgan I have often had his one reaming base surrounded with overwheming force for dozens of turn befor he would surrender. (He probably did not like my green economy).

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            If they don't cop to you really quickly, then try to get another faction in a war with them as well. Once you beat down the faction, the other war party will also be beating on them. All of a sudden the initial faction will get real submissive.


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              I think it might also help if you don't say yes to their bribes to get you do declare a truce. I have found that if you always say "no, I'll fight on," then eventually even Santiago will surrender, provided you haven't committed atrocities, and your reputation is good or better.
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                I have seen many of the tendencies mentioned here but sometimes I just don't understand why they submit. I have had games where a faction is demanding a tech or a bribe right to the very end with one base left. In the strangest one I had both the Consciousness and Lal capitulate on the same turn. They were pacted and I was unsurpassed. I was munching Aki but had about 6 more Consciousness cities to go before I would even get to Lal's border!!(but Lal was pretty weak)

                This is actually a game feature I like since I am not yet able to always predict what the AI faction will do. SE choices, good rep, lack of atrocities and overwhelming force all make it easier to get a submissive but there seems to be an element of randomness to it all. There probably is a formula that can predict submission but I think I'd almost rather not know.

                Only thing I have never seen is the aliens submit. Could it be because I always gas them ?? LOL


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                  I guess people don't submit to me much anymore because I've stopped paying attention to my reputation ... and I've been doing plenty stapling/gassing ...
                  To secure peace is to prepare for war.