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  • Combat bonus bug

    I noted this in a post a while ago but only one person commented on it, and since it has happened repeatedly, even with the newest patch, I wanted to know if anyone else out there has experienced this:

    Playing my beloved spartans I almost always attend to all possible morale-enhancing elements to maximize my advantage. Therefore, pretty early on I have units that are sitting in a home base with Children's creches and command centers whose morale reads

    elite (++)

    but sometimes when attacked I see that the odds for my unit read:

    morale: elite(++) (+12%)

    'the hell?!

    and no, no drone riots are occurring. Even if they were, it would, as I learned from the kindly experts on this forum and then through experience, lower my morale only one level to Commando, where the bonus is supposedly 37%, yes?

    Now, I've read a post on this forum about the poor Data Angels bug that causes their probe rating to loop back to zero after it passes five or six (or something like that) and I was wondering if this isn't the same kind of thing. My SE setting are usually

    POL: Fund
    ECON: Green
    VAL: Knowl

    for the early to mid-game.

    Does any one have the slightest idea about this?

    Thanks for any replies

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    I can think of a combination of events right of hand that would lead to a 3 level drop. Drone riots and being attacked by sopophoric gas pods. If you're not in drone riots, I don't know where one of those drops is coming from though.
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      Were you running at a low morale setting (for instance wealth) or playing a morale penalized faction?

      At minus two morale it says fo instance morale -2 and modifiers halved. (Modifiers halved means as I have seen it instead of +25% bonus you get + 12,5%)


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        Thanks for the replies!

        So I checked with the scenario editor and the units attacking me (the Spartans, who cannot even choose wealth) did not, in fact, have gas pods and I DOUBLE checked that no drone riots were occuring. Also, since the unit readout is STILL

        Elite (+)(+12%)

        and not

        Elite (-) or even Elite (---)

        I'm pretty sure that something is wrong.

        However, I'm still kind of confused since no one else seems to have experienced this. Maybe my machine just doesn't like the spartans as much as I do =)