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    I'm trying to make Smac look like the pics on the back of the box: much pinker fungus, bright blue seas, and lighter green on the landscape. In other owrds, I want it to look more inviting.

    I found the file texture.pcx. I tried changing the values there, but none of my saved changes appeared in the actual game.

    Also, is there a way I can bring back the old sea mining platforms from SMAC? -- I don't like the purplish ones in SMACX.
    Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. And perhaps everyone else, too.

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    I must admit that I play SMAC with a slightly dark screen. My room is dark so it helps the eyes a bit to have it dark. So the colors are on the darker side of the spectrum. Kind of like my play style.
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      Sparky, I agree with you about the smacx mining platforms, which is why I copied and pasted the old smac platforms to the smacx file using PSP.
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        Thanks, I'll try changing the platforms now.

        Has anyone else noticed, though, that the game pics on the back of the box look much more inviting than the actual game. I'd really like a hand making my game look that good.
        Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. And perhaps everyone else, too.


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          Also, are the old SMAC terrain files still there the same way there are alpha and alphax text files? Or do I need to reinstall so I can cut and paste.

          Mouse, by PSP do you mean Photoshop? I think I'll have to use MS Photo editor instead.
          Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. And perhaps everyone else, too.


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            I don't like bright colours, be they light or dark. So I fiddled a bit with the texture.pcx file, and ended up with a more drab looking planet.

            On my planet, redbrown ground is now sandy brown, sandy brown mountains are light grey, red fungus is orange and dark green, dirttrack roads are now mere track marks, and the cyan monorails with orange dots are now light grey with bluegreen dots.

            I tried to submit this file to Apolyton several months ago, but apparently something happened on the way over there, or something did not happen once it got there. Anyway, now it's availible on my own website, at least for a few days, then the site might get purged.
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