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PSI Gates and Carrier Decks

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  • PSI Gates and Carrier Decks

    I have seen the general comment that both PSI Gates and Carrier Decks come too late in the game to be useful. May I make a polite suggestion? Why not use the faction editor to give each faction the starting technology for either or both?

    I have tried something similar using the scenario editor to give each faction either Nanometallurgy, the tech needed for carrier decks, or Matter Transmission, the tech needed for PSI Gates. To my observation, none of the other AI factions ever used their new capability to build carrier decks, repair bays or deep pressure hulls. I tried building subs from the start but the AI boats still seem to know exactly where my sub was.

    The above also appears to be true when playing on a very large world with lost of water between bases so that neither copters nor planes can be used effectively without carriers. Still the AI never built a carrier.

    I remember, this lack of AI carriers was one of the major defincies of CIV I and II. The deficiency appears to continue in Alpha Centauri.

    In contrast, when gave other factions the PSI Gate technology, Matter Transmission, from the start, they did build PSI Gates, but typically only one. I never saw the AI use one.

    I also tested the PSI gate to see if one could transport to an ally. One cannot.

    I have not tried using a PSI Gate to transport airpower. This may be its greatest benefit, if it works, especially on large maps, where moving airpower across the large map is difficult if not impossible (without airbases or carriers). arch+from+The+Empire+Strikes+Back.ogg&wiki=en