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    Double Post
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      Originally posted by Q_tip1976 on 08-04-2000 05:15 PM
      Answering the question: Jeffery Morris when will SMAC version 5.0 be out?

      certainly misleading. I would have very much appreciated an apology and explanation from Firaxis. Buggy programs and a poor customer service are two big reasons I'm not going to invest in CivIII.

      I agree. Not only will I not buy Civ3, but I haven't bought SMAX, and refuse to do so until (read as: unless) the bugs are fixed. It's a shame, because if it wasn't for the terrible support I'd almost certainly buy Civ3.
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        I haven't had a terranx.exe crash for three weeks since I took two steps that you might consider trying:

        I read the readme file, where some fixes were listed, and I applied one:

        If the game crashes intermittently, try adding this line (to the .ini file).

        Secondly, (and easier for me to do with ADSL), I stream a music station constantly (you have a choice of thousands - I play either the British Classic Gold, or the London Symphony (but of course that's irrelevant).

        Never had a terranx.exe crash since, and in fact I was able to move my famous stalled game to completion as well

        It may not work for everyone, but it certainly did for me.


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          What!? Are you suggesting that working productively towards solving a problem is better than whining about it?

          I'll give it a go. Thanks for the tip.


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            I am a bitter man, still in his youth... so here I sit, sulking over lost patches.


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              The phantom drones are the worst problem with SMACX --there are no real problems with SMAC 4.0, that was the point I was trying to make. Phantom drones appear in every game. They appear in every base after the Longevity Vaccine. But it's not so simple as it just "forgetting" to display the Longevity Vaccine effect --some police effects drop out too. It's maddening!!!

              In talking to Fireaxis, we should focus on the phantom drone porblem, which is highly reproducible, rather than these lists of 100+ problems which are only seen by one user.

              I only ge terran.exe crashes in multiplayer, which is just part of the poor execution of that function in general.

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