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Red-Green-Blindness color Patch

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  • Red-Green-Blindness color Patch

    I tried playing SMAC about one and a half years ago. I liked the atmosphere of the game very much and the gameplay of course, but I could not really play it, because of my green blindness, so I did not buy the game and forgot about it again.
    Now I read about this color patch. Does anyone has experiences with this patch, does it work well and does the game still look good? Are there screenshots available?
    And is the patch included in the Planetary Pack? (question from someone with a slow internet connection)

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    I'm not sure about the Planetary Pack, but the original SMACX pack certainly includes the colour-blindness patch. I could send you a couple of files to check them out, if you give me your e-mail addy....
    We're back!


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      i tried it once because i also have probs with the colors in AC though i never noticed it before. after installing it i got my eyes shot - all in yellow - no need for drugs, this flashes. but for the long turn it sucks, it looks ****ty though it is still the same cool game. ive no screenshot, you must try it yourself. the patch can be downloaded at the official fireaxis homepage and has about 10mbs.

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