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  • Skewed Threads Display?

    Am I the only one the thread display has gone screwy on? The threads used to re-size to fit the dimensions of the window they were in, and the words would wrap, but now they seem to be setting themselves at a really wide dimension, wider than I can see even in fullscreen mode, so I have to scroll left and right to read full sentences. This just started happening a couple days ago. Is this happening to anyone else? I recall it happened once about half a year ago, but it got fixed pretty quickly.

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    No problems here. The only time that happens to me is when I read a thread where people use the UBB code tag in their post or when they type long words with no spaces in them. Do you have this problem with all threads? By the way, I use IE 5.5.


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      I have the problem on all threads, and I figured it out. It's the titles of the placeholders for the icons that appear at the start of each reply on a thread. I have "show art" turned off on my browser, so instead I get little placeholder images and some text, if the image has a title. The titles of those little icons are very long, ie, "click here to see the profile for ____"; "click here to send a message to _____"; and so on. There are about seven of them at the top of each message, and the titles make the panel very very wide. I had my art turned off to speed up my browsing, but now I guess I have to turn it back on. Bummer.