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How do you allocate starting places?

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  • How do you allocate starting places?

    OK - I have been wondering how to do this for many months now, at a loss. I finally managed to swallow my pride and ask out straight how to do it...

    When I am creating a map file, each faction can be assigned a set starting place, no? If that is the case, how on earth do you do it? I have tried pretty much everything - and I know it can be done because the PBEM tournament map has specially allocated 'starting places' for each of the factions.

    Also, is there a way of giving extra units to a faction (on a certain map)?

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    The only way I've found is to place a colony pod where you want the faction to start, and take a turn to place a base if you want them to start with a base. Then you have to save it as a scenario.

    Extra units, same thing. Place them yourself.

    Alternately, for the extra units, you can hard code it into the faction .txt file
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      I think Fitz is correct, because the tourny map games begin on 2102. This means Tau does this and sets passwords and so forth on the 2101 turn.