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Playing on for points - does anyone do it?

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  • Playing on for points - does anyone do it?

    Call me a voyeur, but I am curious as to everyone's endgame. Does anyone deliberately delay Transcendence in order to get more points? (outside challenges etc.) The way I see it, the endgame is even more boring than it was in civ2, and anyone who does this regularly should be heralded for their infinite patience.

    Heck, I've even had games in which I have been anticipating Transcendence from Advanced Spaceflight, trying to get the tech rate down to relieve the mid/late game boredom....
    We're back!

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    I personally get very bored with the end game and have even just quit and started a new game when the end victory might be 5 turns or so away. My home PC is old and slow and the late game huge maps can go 10-15 minutes for AI turns. I figure this is over an hour of game time I could spend playing smac\x. The overall points just aren't that important or even finishing if the game is so well in hand. I mostly am involved in MP now and an occasional OCC, which seem to be more fun. I have to applaud those diehard point getters though, it's just not for me.


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      I did for a few games ... but then like most others, I got bored. Nowadays, I'm only really interested in comparative challenges or MP to be honest, although I'm still working on that scenario ...
      Team 'Poly


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        Check my "bragging" Topic. I'm playing that one for points, to see how high I can push mineral production w/o and to see how high I can push the population.
        I'm somewhere over 40,000 points. My mineral output is up to 700 (no eco-damage!). BUT it's boring as H*LL! One move per day. grrrr.
        I like to experiment with how far I can push things.