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1-Page SMAX Tech tree in PostScript

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  • 1-Page SMAX Tech tree in PostScript

    I have made a 1-page SMAX tech tree in PostScript level 2. It is black and white, and looks pretty good on a 600 dpi printer. IMHO, it is cleaner than Jesse's (to whom kudos for his work), but I need people to (i) try it out, look it over, give me feedback, etc., and (ii) maybe put it on the web, because right now the only way I can distribute it is to send it to anyone who sends me email (at asking for a copy.

    I tried to convert it (using GNU project software at home) to other printer/device formats, but ... it didn't look good. There IS a way to print it on any windows 9x system, if my experiment is indicative, but it requires a 25 minute download of free tools from the web. If you're that interested, I'll be happy to send instructions.

    BTW, I also printed it on a 300 dpi printer, and my advice is, if you do this, disable Resolution Enhancement if you can.

    BTW again, if, for some reason, your printer or translator only supports PostScript level 1, let me know and I'll try to hack out the level-2 specific stuff, which isn't actually used.

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    John 6:68