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Why are Yang and Miriam such buttheads?

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    To Transcend : Great to see that just one more person (except AliCov) thinks Dee is the most horrible backstabber. Also Lal, of course, as he was the ONLY faction leader to blast one of my big bases with a PB (nobody dared to do that to me since then) after a Blood Truce. As for Morgan he has the record of the shortest periods of Pact Brotherhood. Just gain more energy than him and he renounces it. After that you just probe him to death and eliminate him (as he always builds too few bases). I totally agree with the third part about the three remaining factions but with a small difference : I enjoy getting Miriam and Yang fighting with each other first...

    To Emperor10 : Why ? They both build many bases... Disband those few that are mispositioned and keep the rest (renamed of course). By the time I meet and fight with them I usually have as many bases as the two of them so they just double my empire...

    To both : If you play with Miriam or Yang (I guess you've already done so) you'll see that although they are horrible as opponents they are a real PLEASURE playing as one of them...


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      Hi Transcend

      I live on Patch Barracks! Glad to hear from someone who has been here!

      I was feeling down about AAFES not stocking Alien crossfire so my wife suggested we try looking in a few local german stores on the idea they just might have the english version! No such luck! MediaMart didn't have it all, and Red Zac had a bunch of them...all German versions! (sigh)

      I think the only way I'll get it is to order it online!

      Did you live on the installations or on the economy?

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        Hey Transcend,

        I'm in Boulder too. I'm ex-Military (Army) and was stationed in Augsburg for a while in the mid-eighties. It's nice to see that there is someone else here who plays SMAC/X. Rock on (brother?).


        Go get yourself a copy of SMAX online. with your APO address it shouldn't cost you any extra, and I think that you will like it. Some new factions, techs, and SPs (like the lovely Planetary Energy Grid which gives you an energy bank in every base, or the Cloudbase Academy which gives you an Aerospace complex in every base). I also like the new tech tree better.
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          D4 there is an easy answer. Ask a German for the Computergeschäft. If you actually find one that sells games than ask

          "Wo ist Sid Meier's: Alien Crossfire bitte?"

          If that doesn't work just ask "Sprechen Sie Englisch?" Most Germans do Than you can ask for it. That should do it.

          BTW, I don't think I have ever played a game where Yang and Miriam were not royal pains.

          Uh Adam_Smith that was the Jews. The Beiever base is a giant cathedral/church.


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            I still can't find a copy of SMACX anywhere near me. Not that it matters - I spotted a copy in Belfast when I was over there a couple of weeks ago, and I ain't shelling out another £20 for an expansion pack just yet. BTW, I see SMAC's actually on a budget label now.
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