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  • Nice bugg

    Played a game against the computer, where Yang was in war against everybody. So the good Chairman dicied to use a planet busters against the Free Drones (the capital (AI)). And as it used to happend Free Drone Central disapers...what was od is that all of my cities also disapered and I had to restart with 2 Colony pods.

    Has this happend to anybody else?
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    Not to that extreme,in some IP games i've played i've seen formers, pods or whatever just disappear. Really hurts when before 2130 you just see 10 formers magically vanish
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      Disappearing units

      I have seen units disappearing in the following cases:

      1. captured units (by probe team or marine detachment) may disappear when your desigh workshop is fully occupied and there is no place for the new design.

      2. often units disappear during process of sea level rising. When, after the first round of rising sea level, you move a unit on endangered terrain, it may vanish
      This often happens to me when I try to terraform this terrain new