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Alien Atrocities?

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  • Alien Atrocities?

    If you're playing as one of the progenitor factions, does nerve gas, or any of the atrocities have an effect on relations with other factions or the environment? (Despite PB's blowing up huge portions of land). Just curious.

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    Probably does with the environment. However since you can't generate any trade nuke them away!! The energy grid of progenitors can be quite powerful in the late game and you can be mean, in other words have your cake and eat it too.


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      Not quite as simple as that, Enigma.

      The Proenitor analog for econmic sanstions is that the Energy Grid shuts down. Nerve staple..shut down for 10 years on the first offense. Gassing humans has no consequence, as their use of gas on Aliens has none. I don't know about PB useas a Progenitor; I haven't done that yet. I would think that there is no penalty, other than the automatic AI factions declaration of Vendetta. (There is no economic sanction for PB use as a human faction, just the aforementioned AI vendettas. In single player mode, it is much the same as permanent sanctions. In multiplayer...there is no game-dictated diplomatic or economic consequence with other human player controlled factions from using busters, only an ecological one.)


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        Wow seriously? Sorry for incorrect statement, I guess it makes sense to a certain degree but I am quite surprised that it works that way. Since aliens can't vote does repealing the UN charter stop the energy grid from shutting down?