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Are All Linux Programs Open Code?

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  • Are All Linux Programs Open Code?

    I know Linux is an open code platform, but are all Linux apps also open? I suppose there'd be no way to enforce that, but is it even the standard practice? I remember reading something about a Linux CtP hack-a-thon, where a bunch of hackers got together and competed to see who could make the best CtP hacks in the same amount of time. I think it was even officially sanctioned by the parent company (Activision?). Would something like that ever happen for a Linux version of SMAC? That would be wayyy cool.

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    Helium Pond,

    I believe that only the Linux OS is open source coded. A lot of Linux freeware and shareware apps are done the same way (probably due to the community), but there is no way companies are going to allow that for their commercial products.
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      Sikander is correct. For example, Corel's WordPerfect and other office apps for Linux are not open source, but subject to the exact same licensing as the windows version.
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