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Where is the faction survey?

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  • Where is the faction survey?

    I saw a reference in this forum to a questionarire. Basically the answers would determine which of the factions you are most suited to. I have not been able to find it. Could someone please help

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    I am also interested in this (I am helping to keep this thread alive).


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      You mean the one that was on the official site before the game was released? Its not on the website any longer, and I dont remember seeing a thread about it.


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        Besides, it was a questionaire which determined which faction are you most suited to by ideology (and not by strategy). AFAIR the funniest question was something like this.

        "The company you're running has discovered a new medicine. However, further invetigation in that field will cause all the rare bottle-necked gophers to become extinct. What do you say?

        a) Nothing can justify the extermination of a species.

        b) The wheel of progress has to turn. Sorry gophers.

        c) I smell profit. Kill them.

        d) You mean I missed some? LET ME RELOAD!"


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