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    Jasonian - I can't agree with you that Mt. Planet doesn't erupt. I would agree that it is easy to get other volcanoes to erupt - but this is hardly rare. Just aim to get planet really angry by making environmental mayhem.

    Why are people wishing for this kind of stuff?

    -RedFred (target number one for rare random events)


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      My tally so far,
      5 asteroid strikes (one hit Deirdre)
      3 Mt Planet II eruptions (this will occur even with random events off)

      Now, I only play with random events off.
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        well, aren't we the lucky one...

        i've had the poison leak into my skin
        and it corroded my heart away


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          I'm interested now. What events are possible? I'm wondering if I've seen all of them. Here are the ones I have seen:

          Energy surge (gives energy bank credits or destroys mines w/o energy bank)

          Solar Flare

          Volcanic Eruption

          Industrial Bust/Boom

          Crop Failure/Bunker Crops

          Severe Haze/Warming? (whatever gives the +1 energy every square for the city)

          Children's Creche experiences pop surge (this one is great )

          Energy Market Crash

          Special resources appearing or disappearing

          Monoliths vanishing

          Meteor shower destroys all Nessus mining stations

          Any I missed besides the asteroid? I've never seen an asteroid hit. What happens to the terrain where it lands? Is it similar to a planet buster, does it make a new crater, or what?

          "Luck's last match struck in the pouring down wind." - Chris Cornell, "Mindriot"
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          "Luck's last match struck in the pouring down wind." - Chris Cornell, "Mindriot"


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            BustaMike: see -

            That's a complete list of random events, taken from script.txt.


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              Huh?! Mount Planet itself errupts?! What happens? Are all the cities in the area consumed by lava? Does the air get full of dust, causing needlejets to smash into high peaks? Does an ice age start, killing off all the fungus?!

              What?! I have to know!
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                Oh, and to answer some above questions...

                The new asteriod creates an unnamed crater, like the new volcano. Everything in the radius is nailed.

                Monolith disapearing isn't random. You can only use monolith's so many times. After that, they're gone.

                One missing random event: Solar Storm. Like the Solar Flare, this one desroyes ODPs and OPTs as well.

                And, for those that are interested, here are some events that were left out:

                Energy Market boom (reverse of crash!)
                Tidal wave (destroys tidal harnesses near a city)
                Beetle infestation (destroys kelp farms near a city)
                Banned on Black Saturday in the name of those who went before him.

                Realizes that no one probably remembers that event.


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                  Jasnonian - I thought for sure I saw the original Mt. Planet erupt in a game about 10 months ago. Prior to the eruption it was more like Mt. Pancake as I had been experimenting with the terriform down option extensively.

                  I THOUGHT!

                  But seeing how no one else has rushed in with confirmation, and it was so long ago, I admit there is a chance I was hallucinating. Too many consecutive hours of SMAC can do that to a person.


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                    Thanks for the help, guys. Even though you didn't give me the answer I wanted.

                    For those of you that haven't seen the asteroid crash, one 'feature' of it is that it creates severe dust clouds, which give you 1 less energy in every square in [I think] every city on the planet.