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Little help with my custom faction please?

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  • Little help with my custom faction please?

    I'm making a faction and I'm not sure how to give it some of the abilities I want. I want it to have 100% mind worm capture all the time and I want it to only be able to choose either vendetta or Blood Truce after it has met with a faction. Can I do these things in the Alpha text or it's faction text after I make it with the editor?
    Any help is appreciated and I hope to have a new faction for you players out there soon.

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    You can't capture EVERY mind worm... the closest thing too it would be +3 PLANET and free Empath Song on every unit. That will give you the most.

    There also isn't a way to automate that status thing. Just don't talk to them or answer their calls, and you'll never sign a treaty.
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      I remember a guy posted a challenge game here where all factions automatically (and always) vendetta with the player and treatys with each other. If I make a scenerio game could I make my new faction be either vendetta or blood truce then?


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        Yes, I was going to do that with Vel's Splinter factions, but never got round to it. Can't for the life of me remember how, though...
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          Yes in a scenario, you can set the diplomatic status. This cannot be an inherent feature of the faction though.