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    Has anyone tried the new factions? Well - both the Energists and the Union start with a lot of energy, and have 15% per turn return in the case of the Energists and 50% per turn in the case of the Union. This really adds up. Shortly in to the game, I had over 100k energy and was buying every SP and the most exotic prototypes imagninable in one turn. When I first contacted the Union, she had over $50 million in the bank. Still, she offered to sell me tech for $125. Not so easy was the Pope. He demanded $21k for his council votes. I paid.

    No what gives here. Was this largess supposed to be intentional?

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    I had some early attempts at using the 'interest' feature for custom factions. It is way too powerful. A smart player will simply hoard money. After your first 20 turns, you will never ever be in a credit crunch. You can then simply buy the victory.

    I did, however, enjoy kicking Yang's butt with Britney Spears.

    Yang cackles as the nubile young one approaches, 'What do I care for your suffering,' he says. 'Pain, even agony, is mearly data...'

    'Shut up before my dancers get Crazy on you, you old ugly old freak!' replied the energetic hottie as she gave a wink and a coy smile to the camera.


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      sorry to say Spears is a dogfaced plastic-thing that has no talent whatsoever. why not put someone who is more talented, and better looking, and more of a femminist than spears in charge. why not Ani Difranco?


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        Ani Defranco is a ugly manhating b_tch. Britanny Spears may have no talent, but she's much much nicer to look at. As far as the new factions go does anyone else notice a "little" unfairness with some of the attributes.
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          Maybe the Britney Spears faction was meant to be one of the evil ones. You know, the faction that everyone loves to hate. I don't normally build PBs in single-player but it might be fun to download her faction and lob a bunch at her.

          She better not be getting residuals for this.

          In a similar vein, maybe someone will come up with an Alexi Yashin or a Spice Girls faction...


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            I put Jessica Rabbit into one of my scenarios. The face didn't come out too well, but I suspect that the audience would only have been looking for one feature. (Well, maybe two.)
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