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Why aren't there any communists?

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  • Why aren't there any communists?

    I wonder why, out of 14 factions, there are no communists. Is Yang a communist? A bad one maybe, but he can switch to Free Market if he chooses. Is Domai a communist? He's labor, but he can also be Free Market. I don't see him as communist really. Deidre, no. She is the only one who can not be Free Market, but she sure isn't a communist.

    In Civ2 you can be communist, but they kind of made it so that you only wanted to be for veteran spys.

    I would really like to play a communist faction that is equal to the other factions and was a true communist society. I know I could design my own, but people don't really like to play against designed factions.

    Any thoughts?
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    Warning: the following post contains dangerous levels of tripe. Full sceptical barriers must be in place before reading.

    In the future, sociology will be advanced enough that people can measure and control the effects of different forms of government and regulation. It will be possible to reconstruct entire nations without the periods of civil war or anarchy found in previous eras. Societies will no longer consider themselves champions of governmental or economic systems such as free market democracy or a communist state but consider these as tools with inherit advantages and disadvantages. Societies will be free to pursue higher minded ideals such as ecological harmony, equitable wealth distribution or scientific knowledge.

    There is no communist faction as it would restrict the Social Engineering facet.

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    Matthew Greet

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      Can you please tell me if there is any part of that message that is not tripe so that I may be able to respond to it?
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        Actually, you just raised a good point.

        Anybody out there know how to modify the social engineering choices? I know that we're already spoiled for choice (as there is a possible 256 different government types we can have overall), but even so it would be nice to be able to institute a "MEDIA" reign rather than a "THOUGHT CONTROL" (same thing but to a much lesser degree).

        Okay, bad example. But it would be nice to be able to custom make social choices. I'd imagine that with the present choices you have, it might well be impossible to have a certain level of a certain SE characteristic, eg you might be able to make a choice and have +4 efficiency, or make another choice and have +2 efficiency, but because of the restrictions of the SE table, you can't have a +3 efficiency as you might like.

        This is a very small and nitpicky thing, but I am nothing if not wearisomely pedantic at heart, and so if anybody knows how to accomplish this it would give me joygasms extra and put a smile on my face for days.

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          I actually designed a communist faction, and just finished my second game w/ them. I'm gonna have to redesign, 'cause they're too powerful.

          I actually designed a libertarian faction too...they were too weak. Food for thought.

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            Adam Smith? It's a pretty surprising nick for a communist...
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              I'm very interested in your commy faction. What are the specs on it, and what other thoughts do you have on it. I'm thinking you have to restrict them from Free Market and Green. You probably don't want them to have access to wealth either.


              Who said I was a communist. Actually, teachers can still loose their jobs in California for being a member of the Communist Party. Anyway, Marx never disputed anything that Adam Smith said. Smith was before anybody was Communist.


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                AS, they were +2 probe, +1 industry, and -2 economy, -1 efficiency, w/ a free children's creche. You're right, they couldn't run fr. market. That looked fairly balanced to me when I came up w/ it, but in playing it out they kicked my butt two times in a row.
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                  Free Children's Creche over powers any faction waynehead. I would take that out. -2 econ is too much against though. It sounds like your trying to make them like a CIv2 communist civ. Is this true?