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Does the Cult not get interludes?

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  • Does the Cult not get interludes?

    I just got Alien Crossfire, and the Cult of Planet is quickly becoming my new favorite faction(Morgan is a close second). However, I just played through an entire game and did not get any interludes at all. It makes sense that Fungboy would not have the "Voice of Planet' interludes, but no interludes even at the ending?

    Is there any way to edit the game to give the Cult custom interludes?

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    Silly question, but have you checked that you have Interludes activated

    (Go to game, preferences, audio/visual preferences, and ensure that you have Interludes checked as being in the game)



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      Nope, I definitly have interludes on, and I get them for all the other factions, including the special Alien interludes. Just seems like I don't get any interludes with the Cult.


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        I just ran another search on this site, and there's a topic from a year ago about how the Cult does not get interludes. Funny how I missed it the first time. Ah well, since the Cult is so different it probobly wouldnt' have made sense to go them the same interludes as the normal factions, and Firaxis was too lazy/forgot to give Fungboy his own interludes.