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  • Retiring from SMAC...

    Just wanted to inform you all, that due to some personal problems, I can no longer spend time playing SMAC or discussing it on these forums. This will be my last post.

    The following projects will be affected:
    • Maintenance of the bug list for Firaxis.
    • Organization of the PBEM tournament.
    • PBEM games I'm involved in as a player - these should be considered, that I lost them and the CMN can eliminate me from the 3-player games as per rules.

    If someone volunteers to take over these projects, that's great!

    I apologize for any inconvinence caused by my retirement.

    Happy SMACing to all!

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    We'll miss you, zsozso. I don't know if you're even reading up on your last post, but thanks for being such an even-headed, all-around cool guy. And good luck with that life thing, I hear it can really get in the way of SMAC.


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      Sorry to hear the bad news.

      You have the well-deserved reputation as one of the best players and posters. I sure hope that you will consider coming out of retirement if your situation changes.


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        My sorry excuse for a website


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 far as the bug list goes, I think the list already got forwarded to the programmers. So we may have passed the cutoff date anyhow.

          But if Firaxis comes back and still is willing to resolve new bugs, I am willing to volunteer to either take it over or help out the person who takes it over.

          As it stands now it is a great piece of work, and I am guessing at least 90% of the problems have been identified.


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            To be blunt... ****.

            I ain't been here long, but I do know this guy was like the Badger or UncleDuke of this forum. (Don't worry, thats a compliment)

            Live well, and come back if you can!

            Eternal Spark
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              I'm a newcomer also, but since January I have surfed lots of stuff here ( and written a few ), I was always surprised by the technical precision of zsozso's huge contribution. A software specialist he his, and he will be missed.

              I wish him good luck. Maybe he'll come back someday, but in the meantime we need more experts to fill the shoes.

              The art of mastering:"la Maîtrise des caprices du subconscient avant tout".
              The art of mastering:"la Maîtrise des caprices du subconscient avant tout".


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                So long to one of the best. I always thought your early transendence records were just an artifact of the Tiny map until I was you get Air Power by 2113 in Islanders2 on a huge map!

                The PBEM world will be safer place, at least!

                Creator of the Ultimate Builder Map, based on the Huge Map of Planet
                Creator of the Ultimate Builder Map, based on the Huge Map of Planet, available at The Chironian Guild:


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                  I have been looking at these forums since November 98' although I only started posting recently. With the departure of
                  -=Velocyrix=- AND now zsozso the SMAC community has to feel a loss. We will miss you and your voice in these forums.


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                    What?? Velociryx is gone?? How did I miss that? Where's the thread?

                    What a bummer! Now we'll never see his incredible strategy guide updated for SMAC-X!


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                      wow.... just... wow.... not that you'll be able to see this, but zso, we'll all miss you terribly. you gave me a chance, when no-one else would...

                      Mark: could it be possible that we could "retire" zsozso's handle until he got back?... if he got back...?

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                      and it corroded my heart away


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                        zsozso you will be missed,
                        if you can come back one day


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                          This marks a sad sad day in the forum worlds dealing with SMAC.

                          Zsozso where ever you are and whatever you are doing best of luck.

                          We all will miss your wisdom!

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