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    Originally posted by The Mad Monk
    Pods can push the population beyond the normal limits? I never knew that -- I figured it was like civ, and that at some point it just wouldn't work.
    It can be handy in several situations, but it isn't a "game breaker". I sometimes do this as my pop boom is finishing up. Every base which has already reached maximum population and still has 2+ food will build colony pods. After the boom, these pods are built into population points in excess of the hab limits. Factions that cannot pop boom without GAs can sometimes use this means to build up a SSC, or generally to turn a worker from a size 2 base into a Librarian in a size 5+ base. An amusing exploit is to build the PTS and build two colony pods immediately. Now build the final pop point into a pod and re-establish the base, at pop 3. This works best with crawlers to pump up the base's mineral production.
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      Originally posted by CEO Aaron
      The AI will also never crawler resources, so that argument only floats for so long.
      I also have seen the AI crawlering ressources.
      But mostly, it uses crawlers for rushing secret projects or moving them around uselessly.