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Looks like the game is ending

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  • Looks like the game is ending

    It appears that the 2 other factions are losing the will to continue

    Our obliterating the Gaian and the Angels base obviously indicated to them that our unsurpassed might, our seething mood and our infamous* integrity were too strong a combination to withstand (not to mention our tech every five years allied to our 1000 credits per turn!!)

    There's a poll running in the general threas about whether we should continue

    I voted to move on to ACDG4

    * infamous doesn't even exist in the game manual. The levels are:


    So we have set a new standard in PBEM'ing

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    So...we united Planet under the Spartan banner?

    Guess I have to go read that thread about ACDG4.
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      This game certainly had a lot of primers for me, being infamous indeed being one of them.
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        Originally posted by vishniac
        So...we united Planet under the Spartan banner?
        I think you misspelled "boot".
        Seriously. Kung freaking fu.


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          It's been a good game - I've had a lot of fun.
          I think the best part was planning the tactical details of the invasions, that was were I helped the most I think.


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            Yeah - it was a good learning experience for me, too. Base management (population management) under Maniac's tutelage, to say nothing of the famous maniac manoever which I am now incorporating into many of my PBEM's

            It might have been interesting ot have run for a few decades of peace after the 2200 year had arrived, to see if we could have had Fort Soup or AU become colony pod generators, gifting them to the Uni to see where that took us in terms of a submissive (or else gifting the captured PK or Hive bases to the Uni, to get its research flying)

            Anyway, from our Spartan perspective, 'twas a good game, and I agree with Snoddasmannen, the military exercises (scenario building & playing) was a lot of fun for the various invasions we planned and executed


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