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MY-2204 Planning & Execution thread

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  • MY-2204 Planning & Execution thread

    Turn's up (but we need someone to do what Kody did to that last turn so that it can be saved)

    We lost our 2 Chaos choppers and an F-8 to Gian counter-attacks

    Gaians have finished researching Advanced Spaceflight (shard weapons) and have commenced researching Adaptive Doctrine. Angels are researching Bioadaptive Resonance

    Angels are running 80% economy, 20% psych (with nothing being allocated to research). Angels have a decent, tho obsolete airforce, but are currently producing a couple of X-aircraft (!!).

    I'll keep harping on - why not upgrade all our bombers to B-10X status, then take out the Flowers Preach and its Longevity Vaccine (4 bombers will do it - 8 to 4 (1 noodle) to 2 (2nd noodle) to 1 (3rd noodle) and then poof with the 4th)

    (We could also eradicate the Angels captured base of Communal Nexus the same way)

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    If the file I posted doesn't work, you also need to decide what options at the start to take. Because the game asks for you to select new research, and whether to upgrade units.


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      Here's the turn so far (and yes, the save function now works with this turn).

      I picked advanced spaceflight as our tech to research. The energy satellites are too useful to pass up, not to mention shard weapons. And we can switch our research if we can manage to probe the tech from the Gaians or the Data Angels first. The choices were silksteel alloys, advanced ecol. eng., centauri meditation, and advanced spaceflight. I figured that silksteel armor, while it would be nice, would not be all that effective against shard weapons anyways. We will end up having to win the war through offense anyways.

      I also switched all chaos drop rover production to fusion drop rover production. I also upgraded two sea formers to fungucidal fusion sea formers.

      I've moved the two missile units in Terrapeso to Vander. The idea is to have those two units and the plasma sentinel board the cruiser and help out with the Hiveland operations.

      Can you play this turn, Googlie? I am very very busy this weekend.

      The most important thing to do is capture The Drone Mound this turn. There are several offensive rover units in the area at your disposal.
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      Civ IV is digital crack. If you are a college student in the middle of the semester, don't touch it with a 10-foot pole. I'm serious.


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        Can do


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          • Attacked Drone Mound with Fusion Rover and Amphi Chaos rover from Port Monsoononia, then took base with the heavily damaged amphi chaos rover from ManuWarrens (healing in the process). 50 credits diverted to our coffers
          • Scrapped its energy bank for 40 credits
          • Scrapped Gate Laconia’s perim defence for 25 credits
          • Scrapped Monsoon Heights command center for 20 credits
          • Scrapped Manuwarren’s perim defence for 25 credits
          • Positioned an F-8 to CAP the units north of Drone Mound
          • Sent a drop policeman from Manuwarrens to Drone Mound to allow the 2 mineral tiles to be worked
          • Upgraded our 2 Missile policemen to fusion Xmen
          • Upgraded all b-8’s to B-10 X
          • Landed the F-8 north of Manuwarrens in Drone Mound
          • Took out the Hive penetrator at Monsoon Heights with our tactical F-6
          • Destroyed Angels’ base of Communal Nexus with 2 penetrators and a fusion X-man (but lost 1 damaged X-pen in the attempt
          • Destroyed Gaian base of Virgin Soil and the Longevity Vaccine, with 4 X-pens
          • Ran 3 F-8’s to provide cover for the 4 pens
          • Sent a coupe of X-pens on kamikaze missions to size 14 Gaian bases to reduce them to size 7 (Fallow Time and Dance of the Fireflies

          Edit: save removed as superceded by a later version (below)
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            Some further moves:
            • MM'd a fleschette defense system at Sector Cratersouth
            • Changed production at Rio Grande to a speeder supply ready to MM a pressure dome there next turn (is endangered)
            • took out some of the Hive units threatening Gate Laconia and Port Monsoonoria (retreating into Gate Laconia afterwards to heal)
            • loaded a couple of unitsaboard the trannie at Port Vander and sailed south to hide in the fungus
            • brought the trannie and its escort into Defiance Freehold, and loaded it with 6 rovers ready for a sail next turn towards wherever
            • some miscellaneous forays against mindworms/spore launchers netted a few credits
            • generally put B-10-X's or drop fusion rovers in the builds
            [i]Edit: save removed as superceded by a later version (below)
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              Note that as currently stands, we'd have 519 votes for El Supremo (including the University's 18) versus 300 for the other 3 factions combined (157 for the G's, 86 for the Hive and 57 for the A's)

              I'll leave the turn pending for a few hours in case anyone wants different builds in the bases


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                Some minor tweaks to grow pops next turn without riots - turn has been sent on
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                  Oh - and the year moved to 2205


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                    For some reason no file appears when I open up the zip file, even though the file size registered as 111 Kb. Maybe you could try re-zipping it?
                    Civ IV is digital crack. If you are a college student in the middle of the semester, don't touch it with a 10-foot pole. I'm serious.


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                      here it is
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                        Wow, we are really nasty!
                        Do we need a 2/3 majority to win by supreme governor?

                        Edit: Will the covering F-8:s provide any useful protection against SAM rovers?