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MY-2202 Planning & Execution Thread

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    Speaking of worm hunting, is it just me or are the chances of stirring up worms lower than Kody tested?
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      We don't seem to be stirring up many with our forays. The most profitable was a few turns ago when we were swarmed at Fort Soup/Ironholm - that netted about 6 kills

      Currently we have 6 rummages underway:
      • Mt Taygetus
      • Northeastern Arcadia
      • North of Iaci, around the Unity Wreckage (all those 3 with troops)
      • Southern Arcadia (with a spore launcher)
      • in the ocean northeast of Bunker 112 (with the Invincible)
      • Southwest of the Gaian base of Chiron Preserve (with an IoD)


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        Originally posted by Maniac
        Assuming we will get the Cloning Vats soon, what I would do after we get it is:

        1. Switch to Police State / Green as IIRC Modo suggested. This will allow us to quell 9 drones in each base with three police units.

        2. Build up to 18 sky hydroponics labs. This will give 9 nuts in all bases without aerospace complexes AFAIK.

        These two things should allows us to popboom all our bases to size 9 - the hab complex limit - without building a single facility and without needing to worry at all about drone riots etc.
        I actually advocate going police/green/power, giving us practically all elite units and allowing us to support up to base size for free, in addition to the other benefits you mentioned.

        The improvement in our support rating will act as a huge industry boost, in practice, allowing us to build infrastructure more quickly and compensating for the research bonus that we would get while running knowledge.
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          Originally posted by PJayTycy
          Now I realize war generates interest while building farms/mines/boreholes/crawlers doesn't.
          Watch my sig and repeat that!

          It's also that I want to be sure that the bug is over (1)
          and do we need infrastructure planning anymore or do we just upgrade military units and walk over Gaians? (2).

          Strategically speaking, I'm perhaps a bit too Churchillian: seeking twisted plots and such...(think about the Dardanelles' Landing!
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