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Operation Golden Dawn

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  • Operation Golden Dawn

    Operation Golden Dawn

    Colonel Googlie sat in the Command Center feeling very pleased with life.

    Operation Golden Dawn had exceeded expectations. The wargames had revealed some different strategies, some of which had been adopted for actual implementation, others having been improvised and improved upon in the field.

    The wargame simulation had been a resounding success, although at the cost of considerable disruption. In fact, the whole Command Center network had been shut down no less than 19 times with overload and reload problems, causing energy disruptions that even drew a comment from the Gaian Lords!! Then the Crypteia Division technicians (who were responsible for setting up the wargame scenario) had been told that they were running live to reinstate the Command Center links before the deadlines were exceeded.

    But it had all worked out well in the end. Operation Golden Dawn was now almost complete, and original objectives had not only been met but exceeded.

    Colonel Googlie leaned over to Colonel Maniac, and after a whispered conversation, nodded and sat back. Promotions were in order - perhaps a generalship for himself and Pedro. Certainly Colonel rank for the key field operatives - Majors Snoddasmannen and Zeiter and a Commodore rank for Captain Modo. And a promotion to Major for Captain Vishniac.

    His thoughts turned to the Colonel. Poor Corazon. How she would have relished this moment. But alas, she was being maintained on life support, barely even a vegetable. Her recovery would be dependent on the scientistsí efforts in retroviral engineering and bio-engineering.

    Ah well. In the meantime the Spartan Federation was in capable hands.

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