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  • MY-2196 Planning & Execution Thread

    WOW - the Gaians didn't spend much time on their turn

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    Turn's up!!

    Five forest expansion tiles, 3 new B-8's and 3 F-8's commissioned

    Morgan is 3 turns away from Fusion Power, but is in serious "build" mode (Hab complexes, aerospaces, Research Hospitals, etc) - the aerospaces prolly in response to Yang's churning out drop chaos units (he has 6 active and 11 in production!!)


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      Excellent! I hope Yang will direct those to Gaia instead of to us after we have neutralized Morgan


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        Nid-turn below with some troop movements, getting the assualt forces into position for Golden Dawn

        Southern Arcadian Task Force is now just 2 turns away from southern Morgan bases - is being protected by the GeneralTacticus

        Laconia Task Force I now in position in Minas tirith - will sail for fungus hiding staging next turn

        Laconian Task Force II assembling/being constructed or upgraded ready to sail from Tegea Harbour next turn for seafungus hiding

        Northen Arcadian Task Force being assembled /constructed in several bases, will deploy to their transport next turn

        Aircraft moved to, respectively, Fort Liberty (for the assault on Morgan's west coast) and Craterwest (for the east coast invasion support)

        Further land forces only being produced in bases that can complete in 1 turn if overground (to enable boarding next turn) or mobiles if in 2. Bases that can produce an aircraft in 2 turns are doing so (F-8's if possible, B-8's if not)

        Some miscellaneous moves:
        • formers at Minas Tirith commence boreholing
        • 2-Nuts mining formers start en-route for the Minas Tirith boreholing assignment
        • mid-Arcadian rover trolls the fungus river, but nothing stirring
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          Awesome. Things going according to plan rather nicely. The only thing that has me worried is Morgan's construction of aerospace complexes in many of his cities. But hopefully we will knock them out before they finish with that. It also appears that they will get fusion the turn of our invasion, which means that they could potentially upgrade some of their plasma sentinels to fusion at the last moment. Thus, we may want to think about upgrading some of our forces to fusion beforehand as well, especially the Arcadian forces. We've got 818 EC's, after all! And I'd hate to lose that in an energy market crash. Perhaps we should upgrade some of our aircraft stationed in Fort Liberty in Arcadia this turn to chaos fusion aircraft?

          Are we going to have the cruiser docked at Minas Tirith sail from there or Gythium Harbor? Because if we want that cruiser to sail from MT, then we'd need to set sail next turn.

          Also, building the mobile infantry is a great idea. The Morganites have a very limited counterattack capability as of now, and the more cheap units we can swarm them with, the more impotent they will be in striking back. And we can keep on making drop units even after the initial invasion, so that we can have reinforcements that we can quickly send in. Likewise for aircraft.

          Whoa, look at the Data Angels go! Surely Yang will take one of his several chaos rovers nearby and recapture that city, though.

          I also noticed that, if we want maximum fungus cover for our Southern Arcadian transport, we need to take this route with the transport:
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            Here's some upgrade costs:
            • 5 x B-6's to B -8 fusion costs 250 credits
            • 4 x B-4's to B-8 fusion costs 280
            • 1 scout rover to a chaos fusion amphirover costs 110
            • 1 Steppenwiolf (missile synthmetal amphirover) to Chaos synthmetal fusion amphirover costs 100
            • 1 Janissary (chaos unarmored amphirover) to fusion costs 40
            • 1 x R-112 (missile amphirover) to Chaos fusion amphirover costs 40
            • 2 Missile amphimarines to chaos fusion costs 120

            And we have 818 in the kitty

            We can raise cash by selling techs to Yang, or extorting/selling to Zak


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              OK - kitty now 848 (scout in Mt Taygetus distrubed a sleeping mindworm and flamed it)

              We can thus accomplish all the above upgrades this turn if we want


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                Economic Statistics for MY 2196:

                Minerals per turn:

                Spartans: 345
                Zakharov: 29
                Morgan: 219
                Data Angels: 85
                Yang: 222

                Industry rating (minerals per row):

                Spartans: 10
                Zakharov: 6
                Morgan: 9
                Data Angels: 9
                Yang: 5

                Mineral rows per turn:

                Spartans: 34.5
                Zakharov: 4.83
                Morgan: 24.33
                Data Angels: 10.625
                Yang: 44.4

                Energy Credits per turn:

                Spartans: 201
                Zakharov: 13
                Morgan: 233
                Data Angels: 15
                Yang: 3

                Labs per turn:

                Spartans: 415.2
                Zakharov: 93.8
                Morgan: 231
                Data Angels: 20.4
                Yang: 121
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                Civ IV is digital crack. If you are a college student in the middle of the semester, don't touch it with a 10-foot pole. I'm serious.


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                  Originally posted by Googlie
                  OK - kitty now 848 (scout in Mt Taygetus distrubed a sleeping mindworm and flamed it)

                  We can thus accomplish all the above upgrades this turn if we want
                  How about we do all of the aircraft upgrades this turn and leave the land unit upgrades for MY 2197 or MY 2198?

                  EDIT: We may want to hold off on upgrading all of the B-4's as well, considering there is a B-4 parked in one of Zak's bases, and Morgan will be tipped off that we're upgrading things in preparation for an invasion.

                  Because the land units are the only ones in any sort of remote danger of being destroyed in the next few turns (by a team of wily cruisers out on the high seas, or even a team of native isles of the deep, for instance), so we'll want to upgrade those last. Besides, I'd still like to have about 300 EC's on hand at all times in case any crazy unforeseen circumstances erupt. I suppose we could upgrade some of the land units, but not all of them this turn.
                  Civ IV is digital crack. If you are a college student in the middle of the semester, don't touch it with a 10-foot pole. I'm serious.


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                    Some additional moves:
                    • Moved the slow trannie and the SCC Iaci round the "boot spit" en route to Kel Harbour where it will pick up Bunker-112's colony pod to transport it to the new base site (together with a new CDF after this one is completed at Kel)
                    • Invincible continued its limp up the coast to 2Nuts for repair
                    • 2 Hoplites and the mindworm did the "fungus shuffle" north of Fort Liberty, but no mindworms
                    • Former army west of Messena finished the mine there, so sent Messena's new crawler to work it, and the formers south to redeploy for a borehole somewhere (or defungussing duties maybe)
                    • IoD hunting south of Gaialand brougth nothing but grief - lost one of the IoD's to a wild one (odds were in our favour) - we could trap it between the Njord and the other IoD, but that's 2 turns away (sent the Njord south and west to hunt it down anyway - the credits will come in useful)

                    Aha - reserves now stand at 878!! The mindworm/spore launcher tag team in Southern Arcadia disturbed a launcher which our lad took care of, earning a lifecycle promotion in the bargain

                    • Aha again - ran a recce from Fort Sol with the F-6 there, and bumped into a Datatech B-4 exploring our coastline, so shot it down
                    • as a result (we can't forget the Angels) MM'd another F-8 at Fort Sol with the old crawler working the northwest mine, replacing it with the new speeder crawler just commissioned
                    • LOL - Zak is sailing his cruiser trannie with a damaged Ogre and a probeteam right into the maw of Angel's land (17:61 - that seakelp tile beside Kodykryptor) Bless him
                    • ran a southeast sortie from Defiance Freehold with teh F-6 there, but no further Angels' machinations detected
                    • ran the formers who'd just completed ARC's mineral mine upriver 1 tile and commenced foresting the river tile there
                    • Hmm - didn't pay attention to the Disco Volante's movement points, and now have left it somewhat isolated in the middle of the ocean - only saving grace is that (to Morgan) it looks like it's heading the Hive's way)
                    EDIT: .sav deleted as superceded by a later version
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                      Finishing the moves:
                      • brought the B-4 from the uni base back to Fort Liberty, so went ahead and did the upgrades of the Penetrator aircraft - it would cost 240 to upgrade the 4 x F-6's to F-8 fusion interceptors, and 120 to fusion our 3 F-8's
                      • Started our AU Elite Crypteia to do guard duty at the databanks of the new Uni base of New Arzamas
                      • Left our Coastguard cruiser anchored in Defiance Freehold

                      All units have now moved.

                      Maniac - will you be able to look at the worker allocations, and also give your blessing (refutation?) of the build orders?

                      I see that the Angels are about to complete a drop transport - we needs be on our guard that they don't insert a Chaos rover on our territory with that where it can do damage

                      EDIT: save deleted as superceded by a later version
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                        And a couple of subsequent moves:
                        • spent 8 credits to rush a speeder crawler at Arcadia University (I think)
                        • sent the elite plasma sentinal back towards Tegea Harbour (from Minas Tirith) as his place on the MT trannie will be taken by the scout rover (to be upgraded) just 1 tile away from the base

                        Turn is now final, subject to any build orders/worker re-allocations that might yet need to be made

                        EDIT: save removed as superceded by a later version (2196-endturn), below
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                          Ummm, Googlie, I got a reload message when I opened the turn. What's the deal with that?

                          EDIT: Nevermind. On the final save, there was no reload warning. Beats me...

                          Some notes:

                          *Whoa, where is that Northern Arcadian cruiser going? I thought it was going to participate in the invasion of Morgania.
                          *We may want to reposition our forces in Sector Craterwest until MY 2198, considering that all Morgan would have to do would be to fly his F-6 in Vander Eudaimonics over to check out Sector Craterwest to figure out that we're up to something. Although that's unlikely, considering Morgan would have to end the turn with that aircraft in the air. So we may be safe in keeping our forces there after all.
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                          Civ IV is digital crack. If you are a college student in the middle of the semester, don't touch it with a 10-foot pole. I'm serious.


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                            Just took that Northern Arcadian transport cruiser 1 tile outside Morgan's interceptor range. Next turn it sails to the Gagarin Memorial Bay where it loads with the troops stationed in Fort liberty and turn after is by the Morgan coast at City of ZZT

                            Only drawback might be the sea fungus it'll need to negotiate in the journey there, but that always was a problem with that stretch of ocean


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                              Last minute tweaks:
                              • Moved the Vlad speeder crawler to the spare condensor farm at Messena (where it was meant to go), and took a Vlad worker off a forest, thus allowing another pop growth there (it has adequate police to allow that)

                              Turn is due the Gaians in 5 hours - I'll leave it for someone else to open it, hit "turn complete" then zip and post to the thread and that way if Maniac comes online he can have a look at it first

                              (I'll be ofline in about an hour for the rest of the morning here in California)
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