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  • Spartan Reload Warnings

    It has come to light that there have been a lot of reload warnings about the Spartan turn, especially in the last few turns. I was wondering what the explanation for these were? Reload warnings are only acceptable when each warning is specifically explained. We have become a bit lax about this, as generally it's a rare occurance and each time there's an explanation as to some innocent reason, but that explanation is critical to the running of the game.

    If someone could explain the spate of reload warnings recently, and remember that in future each one must be accompanied by an explanation, that'd be much appreciated
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    When I open the turn, I never get any reload warnings.

    As I told GeoModder a few weeks ago, the only explanation I can think of is that parts of the turn are played by Googlie and me. Eg Googlie plays the first few moves, I come online and do some micromanagement, then Googlie's on again and does the last military moves etc...
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      Yeah - I've been getting them when I, for instance, replace xxx midturn(2) by xxx midturn(3). But after I zip and post the turn for Maniac to continue with, I have oftened reopened it to do screenies and do some intelligence gathering from the F2 and F4 screens, etc.

      I assumed that's why I got the message, and I thought that it was disappearing after I subsequently reloaded Manic's advancement and then saved after executing some more unit moves, (or finished and passed on to the Gaians) so made no post or comment

      (I remember asking about ten turns or so ago whether other team members were getting messages on opening subsequent saves - they weren't - but maybe the message doesn't occur in such saves, but only on turn completes?)

      In any event, I can vouch that nothing untoward has happened - no attempting alternate outcomes or anything like that (else we'd be more successful in our worm-hunting!!)