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    I can finish the turn, using common sense in the absence of orders!!

    You are right - there is a second F-6, which is now stacked with the 3 bombers on 17:53. It's an F-8 that is protecting the stack on the other tile, and that should win a battle against the first Angels F-6, but likely not the second if the tagteam

    I went ahead and rushed the 6 crawlers

    Do we want a program of instabuilding recycling tanks in those bases where there is an idle crawler (eg Tegea Harbour and Gythium Harbour - a 30 mineral crawler plus their turn's mineral output will suffice, using the MM)

    Edit: went ahead and MM'd Hab Complexes in both bases
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      Some additional tweakings:
      • reallocated Vlad workers to maximize lab output
      • assigned Defiance Freehold crawler to the mine, redeploying worker to a forest. Put another crawler in production
      • Assigned the 2 ARC formers to forestry work on the rainy river tile southeast (86:56) and put a crawler into production
      • Reassigned AU workers into thinkers to maximize labs, and put a thermocline into production (in anticipation of working those tidals and deploying trawlers to work more of them)
      • Another KK into production at FB
      • assigned FB's 3 formers to farming, then will condense for pop growth
      • Reassigned FS workers as per Maniac's suggestion, to max labs
      • Staged F-8 from Iaci Base to Ass Red en route for the Angels front
      • assigned Ironholm's crawler to the mine to its south - put another crawler into production (MM a rec commons there soon?)
      • MM'd a Hab Complex at Tegea Harbour and at Gythium Harbour using the crawlers there (both upgraded with 70 credits) - slight overpayment, so put a crawler into production and reassigned workers to thinkers to maximize labs in both bases
      • reassigned the Vijay worker from the nut special to a forest, and deployed the crawler to nuts. Put a former in production there
      • started a CC at OA - we need pop growth there as it's one of our air force training academies
      • assigned 3 formers at FL to fungus clearing to the northwest - 4th (from FL) sets out to join them - they can gang-build a road/mine there next turn. Put a crawler into production in anticipation of working that mine
      Edit: save removed as endturn save now posted below
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        Some final unit moves remaining:
        • 2 formers at 2Nuts having completed fungus clearing now are roadbuilding preparatory to mining
        • OA's former (by Sparta Command) joins GH's former in mining that neutral tile between GH and MT


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          Had to split for a while - now completing moves:
          • F-6 at VJ relocates to Ass Red
          • Mercury class cruiser transport continues round Academgorodok point
          • 5 Messena formers move north and commence boreholing
          • Trannie unloads 2 missile marines at Iaci Base (it was pointing in that direction)
          • SCC GeneralTacticus uncovers an IoD and flames it
          • Our tame IoD rumbles in the seafungus too, but finds nothing
          • F-8 at Bunker 112 relocates to ARC
          • Disco Volante sails south towards the Angels theater

          Here's the endturn just before sending off. I realize that I might not have provided complete continuity of strategy from the previous turns - I didn't think I'd be playing this one, so hadn't followed all the prior discussion.

          But the default builds - crawlers - can only be useful, and the formers' orders can always be countermanded next turn if necessary
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            I think you did fine Googlie We don't have a master strategic plan right now, we need to come up with one What the heck are we going to do next? I suggested the Rectangle Song in the Council of War, though it met with luke warm reactions. So we need to come up with something which the Junta can agree on. Feel free to spearhead an initiative somebody


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              Originally posted by Snoddasmannen
              Feel free to spearhead an initiative somebody
              Have you read my edited post in the Council of War?
              Seriously. Kung freaking fu.


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                Well, maybe strategy was the wrong word - perhaps tactics would have been better

                e.g. - where was the Disco Volante headed? Was it the intent to land those 2 units at Iaci base? What were the intended orders for those 7 formers at Messena? etc etc

                And, Modo, I like your edit in the Council thread - and it's very much in line with Snod's as well - we've got the Angels pretty well restricted, so now it's time for some Gaian action - after all, they are now the second largest human faction:
                • Sparta - 149
                • Gaians - 98
                • Morgan - 60
                • Angels - 44
                With the AI at
                • Yang - 135
                • Zak - 10


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                  Perhaps we should keep a constantly updated list of running processes in the first post of each turn thread, so that if turn players change, there isn't a sudden change of actions?
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                    good idea

                    I'll start a 2191 thread with a list of my "intentions", while they are still fresh - (open, of course, to amendment since I was running pretty blind)


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                      Originally posted by Maniac
                      Damn I already flamed them - with the elite unit.
                      Reason was because of the children's creche being screwed up, we get a -12,5% penalty when attacking from within a base with a CC. Therefore I used the new elite AAA garrison, so that it could move outside the base and attack with full strength.
                      This bugged me, as I couldn't recall it happening to me, so I redid that part of the turn - here are my odds . attacking from within FB with that commando unit - no creche penalty

                      Are you sure that you're using the vanilla alphax.txt, and not a modded verasion?
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                        There is a penalty. Normally we should have had a morale bonus of 37.5%. Here we only get 25%. -12.5%.
                        Contraria sunt Complementa. -- Niels Bohr
                        Mods: SMAniaC (SMAC) & Planetfall (Civ4)


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                          Hmm - just scenario tested it - I never knew that

                          (Although in-base the unit is shown as , eg, "Commando (++)" and out of base is "Commando (+)", so the schematic shows that the extra morale is there, but the effect is to reduce the morale by 1, as you say

                          Wierd (but then a lot of the original SMAC worked the reverse of what was intended - some anomalies were cleared up in subsequent patches, but I guess a few slipped thru the cracks)