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A fly on the wall of the Morgan Boardroom

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  • A fly on the wall of the Morgan Boardroom


    Order Please.

    Fellow Directors, we are facing a crisis in the history of The Corporation. The enemy is at the gate, and our efforts to thwart him last year proved unsuccessful, costing us the loss of our headquarters as well as the Planetary Transit System.

    Even as we speak, their Rover-laden transport sits off our shores, and we must face this new reality - we are relatively defenseless.

    Our Operations Director, Mr Jtsisyoda, will now give the situation report:

    Mr Chairman and fellow Directors:

    When I opened the books, I was confronted with the message "You have won 0 battles and lost 8", indicating that our last-ditch efforts at mounting a credible defense came to naught.

    Even worse, their rovers are nowhere to be seen, and neither is their transport, with only their missile cruiser blocking the approaches to Morgan Mussels base.

    How could they have done it?

    Well, we know from the Phalanx, that they used amphibious craft, so must have upgraded before attacking, as our attorneys reported only regular Impact Rovers on board that transport in the fungus. And my surmise, too, is that they upgraded to Missile weaponry - how else could they have destroyed all blocking units from on board their ship, removed the threat of the crawler, and taken out the base defender and formers to allow them unfettered access to our headquarters. And still have enough movement left to reboard the transport?

    That indicates that they must have been Elites, with the extra movement capability.

    Mr Chairman - A question from the floor .......... why did they not enter Morgan Mussels - after all it was empty - and thus destroy it (with just 1 population) and at the same time restore their damaged rover to 100% health?

    Well, we believe that they had only enough movement left to safely board the vessel - and that detouring any unit would have meant leaving it there for us to mindprobe away from them - thus giving us their missile technology. And they couldn't afford to leave them stacked for defense without adequate armour on one of them at least, as we'd be able to pick them off one by one until there was only one left - which, of course, we'd then mind control.

    Let's face it, fellow directors ....... they are sitting offshore with at least 3 - if not 4 - elite Missile amphibious rovers poised to strike us again when they are fully healed

    What do you suggest we do, then?

    As I see it, we need to spend some of our solarflare windfall to rush plasma defenders in every base as our primary defense.

    We also need to embark on a rush program of building Perimeter Defenses in our key bases - perhaps even snagging the Citizens Defense Force if we can

    How can we do that - and didn't we undertake not to build it when we aquired Ethical Calculus from the Federation?

    Indeed we did, but they are the enemy at the gate, and we are unlikely ever to be at peace with them again, so I say we just tear up those treaties and agreements

    ..................(snickering) - well we've done that anyway ..............

    I suggest we bribe the Angels - through cash and/or technologies - to stall on their getting Intellectual Integrity for a handful of years - until we get Fossils and can change to - and get - Int Int ourselves. Either that or to pass us Int Int as soon as they get it, we'll rush the CDF, and by the time Sparta gets it that same turn from the Angels it'll be too late for them, we'll have built it.

    In the meantime, let's rush Perimeter Defenses anyway - we can always cash them in if we do manage to get the CDF.



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    This by way of re-inforcing my contention that we do cash in that AA this turn

    And for all we know, that's exactly what Morgan is going to be thinking when they do open the turn. So let's be careful in the general forum about hinting too much that we've done a kamikazi raid on them

    The more paranoid they are, the better


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      An interesting thread started by Mead here

      The fact that he is rasing the question at all indicates (to me at least) that some Morganites are considering where to hang out after their faction gets destroyed

      So my postulation (in the first post above) that they think we are just offshore with our army of 4 "Missile" rovers intact seems more and more plausible


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        @ the thread

        Could they really be this scared of us? Maybe they're trying to put up a facade so that the other factions will gang up with them against us? That's something I'd definitely post if I wanted to give that impression.
        Cake and grief counseling will be available at the conclusion of the test. Thank you for helping us help you help us all!


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          Yes I definitely agree with you on that one Kassi
          They're probably just screwing around, great idea in that case (mind you I first had no idea what he was referring to when he wrote refugees)