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    I'll fire up the turn and call him up- at worst we can sell him Field Mod (and sell it to Zak as well) and see if he's happy enough to send us his maps


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      Worked like a charm - Angel maps plus 25 ec's from Lal and Zak for Field Modulation
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        In addition to using those 5 crawlers for an instant air force (no cash needed) - we could also rush some crawlers:

        VV - 34 ec's
        Argos - 27 ec's
        GH - 28 ec's
        Ironholm - 16 ec;s

        (And if we don't change FB's production to a Noodle and use the en-route crawler to proto it, we can change form a Crypteia and finish a crawler there for 6 ec's

        Note, too, that at AU we can build a Noodle in 2 turns without using crawlers - but do we want a naval vessel from there? (or a crawler, to send to Fort Soup for nutrient crawling?)


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          And here's the Angels homeland in the broader context:

          A little piece of Heaven


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            Looking at the detailed Angels map, I think that the Disco Volante might be better off podpopping in that uncharted area to its south and southwest

            The Angels only have 4 seaports, and 2 are well protected by that chokepoint with fungus - if i were them I'd have a probeship stationed right there.


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              Originally posted by Googlie
              Looking at the detailed Angels map, I think that the Disco Volante might be better off podpopping in that uncharted area to its south and southwest

              What are we doing with the Aardvark now?
              2Nuts is in desperate need of a former to build forest on those nut tiles, maybe we can borrow the one currently building a mine outside SC and ship it down on the Aardvark.


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                Should I start preparing for the Planetary Council elections? AFAIK there will be two candidates, us and Yang. I think it should be no trouble getting us there, considering we pretty much already have infiltration on everyone. OTOH, Yang might appeal to the others as a way to not take a stand with the war between us and the Morganites - but altogether I think we'll see the Angels and Gaians just abstaining from casting votes for anyone. Can the PK and Uni votes together with ours beat Yang's and Morgan's votes? I find that unlikely.... hmm.

                I probably should also approach the Angels on the IntInt matter and kindly nudge them with "we'd rather not see the Morganites get the tech before we do, now that we've extended great trust to you by providing you techs before you've even had the tech we want".
                Cake and grief counseling will be available at the conclusion of the test. Thank you for helping us help you help us all!


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                  Right now the candidates would be Lal (50 votes) and Yang (89). We have 48 votes

                  Lal will add a pop next turn (UN Health) plus he has 3 colony pods in transit - so, say, 58 votes within 3 turns

                  We'll add a pop to FL next turn (drone riots) and in 2 turns at FB and Messena, so the best we can do is 51 in 3 turns time.


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                    Re the drones at Fort Soup (and the stalled crawler) and the looming hunger problem

                    Here's another solution:

                    Use the Maniac Manoever to put a holotheater in place there - that'll allow the 2 drones to be productive workers - and it'll cost 10 ec's to complete

                    That'll leave us with just 3 nuts in the hopper and still a deficit of 4, but now we can move the 2 talents to work forests (now a defecit of 2) and send AU's crawler south to rehome at FS - it'll arrive the turn after.

                    Then we can put a borehole worker on a forest temprarily until the rehomed crawler can get to a 2-nut tile


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                      (but maybe - to avoid mindcontrol - we should leave that Unity Rover on board the Peg)
                      How about we use the Unity Rover to go mindworm fishing in Rio Rojo? That can be quite a profitable adventure. If we catch one, we can send it out to play in the great fungus wall

                      References: Mindworm farming, a refined solution, Planet: A Survivalist's Guide (2005) < >


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                        Or we could send the 'Peg with the rover down to the Gaian "Mysterious ring of Monoliths" for an upgrade and a frolic there (migfht even capture a mindworm)

                        Couple of additional not-yet-recorded moves:
                        • FL's Crypteia moved into Uni base and took up defensive duties there
                        • MT's various units poked their heads into the surrounding fungus, and found nothing (ie couldn't enter but didn't reveal Hive troops)
                        • MT's former moved northeast and commenced the road link up to GH
                        • MT's supercrawler moved onto road to Sparta Command - will crawl nuts for this turn
                        worker reallocations
                        • Tegea Harbour: worker moved from mine to forest, to allow crawler to work mine
                        • 2Nuts Strand:worker moved from river tile to nut special tile
                        • Arcadia University: worker moved from the solar tile to a 2/1/1 tile, and worker moved from a forest tile to a 2/1/1 tile (supply crawler needs only 4 mins to complete next turn, do mierlads not so imperitive. Food now in balance)
                        • Fort Superiority: saveturn shows workers moved off the 2 boreholes, to work forests for the nuts. But if we go the Holotheater route, then they can revert to the boreholes for 1 turn
                        • Iaci Base: worker put on forest tile
                        • Minas Tirith: worker pulled from ocean tile to 2/1/0 tile - could also be put on mine tile for the 3 minerals (as the supercrawler is pulling in 2 nuts this turn
                        • Olympus Academy: Worker can be allocated to mine to save ec's (using the maniac manoever will produce a noodle with the mine worked)
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                          latest save
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                            Originally posted by Googlie

                            Or we could send the 'Peg with the rover down to the Gaian "Mysterious ring of Monoliths" for an upgrade and a frolic there (migfht even capture a mindworm)
                            Well I guess there's a good chance it's already busy with Gaian mindworms, doing some farming of their own, and besides there's a Gaian base right nearby.


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                              Yeah, finding a Worm in Gaian territory- that would be a really friendly gesture.
                              Seriously. Kung freaking fu.


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                                well, they might actually thank us for scaring up some wild mindworms - they can capture them quite easily, to add to their wormy army, or kill them for the planetpearls