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    Not a lot changed this turn. Most of our bases are in GA, but most won't boom until we can get more nuts to them. We will struggle to do this until sats though.

    With sunspots, we can't now leapfrog from fusion power with Gaia. Hence, I switched to Knowledge from wealth (+1 effic and +2 knowledge is better than +1 econ now, both from a research and an economic perspective. Our production falls a little from the lack of +1 industry, but that's a minor one). sliders set to 20:20:60 (I think, Can't quite remember and I didn't write it down.) for fusion power next turn. We make a loss/turn on these settings, so this will need to be changed soon.

    Rushed very little, only in our newer bases to the east. Killed some of Yangs units.

    end turn attatched.
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    Play hangman.